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Open new window from Start Menu Item

  • I may be the only person that does this but here goes. For the past decade or more I've always put my primary browser at the very top of my Start Menu items. Then when I want a new browser I hit the windows key, down arrow, enter. This works with IE, Chrome, and Firefox but when I do it with Opera it finds the last Window I had open and opens a tab in it. That's not the behavior I want. If I want to open a new tab then I go to an existing window and do that myself with CTRL+T.

    I can't find a documented command line switch or setting that will allow me to change the behavior to be the way I want. Does any know of a way?

    Yes, I use tabs a lot but I use windows to group my tabs based on what I'm doing. I have 16G of RAM and most of the time have in the ballpark of 50-60 tabs across dozens of browser windows open. I've been using Firefox for this but since it spawns all windows/tabs in a single process it tends to die on me around the 50 mark. I would use Chrome but that's I develop against so I like to keep only my work on Chrome. I use Safari for my process management (Jira, Bitbucket, etc.). So I need another web compliant (not IE) browser for my research.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  • Have you tried Ctrl+N? Seems like an easier way to do it to me. Anyway, make a link to Opera where you want it and add --new-window after the last quotation mark in the target field of the shortcut. Make sure there is a space between the last quotation mark and the first dash. That is a Chromium command line option btw. Most of them should work in Opera since they share the same base. So any other Chromium command line options you know should just plug right in.