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  • Hello all,

    I just moved from 12.17 (yes the integrated email client was a GENIUS idea....)

    So the main question now is why did you remove (or did you not put back) so many GREAT features from the old days.

    Besides being able to run FB properly which 12.17 was not able all the time and use HTML5 for the stupid user like me there are so many REGRESSIONS, yeah probably acid3 is better, probably it can decode so many gazillion commands per second and probably you can do better stuff with the current version than with 12.17 but above the surface, what is VISIBLE is a giant step....BACK.

    So anyway here is my wish list, please excuse me if they have been asked for before, consider this as another request for the same thing that you guys didn't put back 🙂

    1. Being able to run a downloaded filetype, it is utterly stupid to have to download a torrent file or a m3u stream file and then run it, the old system which let us decide is we wanted to run or save this type or file was just great and I don't believe it is a limitation by the new engine....

    2. Speed dial with ctrl+number, COME ON GUYS !!!!!! How come this is gone, I used to be able to hit CTRL+4 to go directly to google calendar from anywhere, now I must go upstairs, create a new tab, then go to the shortcut.....The excuse I've read about folders is not a good one, if you have a folder in speed dial 7 then pressing CTRL+7 opens the folder and you can choose, you could even make a "sub level" speedial where CTRL+7 would open the folder with the contents of the folder accessible by another CTRL+number....

    3. Make cookies settings for each site accessible by right clicking on the site, now I have to go to the end of the option menu to enter manually the name of the site (I could make a mistake while typing), it's an invitation for mistakes...

    I don't think that what I ask should be super complicated because it does not affect the core of the system, and since you already had the code written in the old versions it's just a matter of reincluding in the current version part of the features that made opera DIFFERENT (and BETTER), because now it just looks like Chrom with a nice skin on top.


    1. Many people (including me) crying for such option. Maybe happens in some sunny day, we are waiting.
    2. Again - asked for many times. Probably there is some extension for this - I personally wasn't using this and don't know.
    3. You can use Site Preferences extension for cookie settings (and many more per-site options).
  • Hello,

    Found vanilla extension (chrome) which allows to do that, thanks for the tip....

    Now on to the 2 other ones, I can't believe there is nothing to say that the .torrent files and the .m3u should be RUN and not SAVED.....this is so stupid that it's laughable.....

  • Er ever heard of a magnet link use them much better than .torrent links and should open with whatever BT client you use