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  • i dont use a lot of features, this sums up all that i care about:

    • Opera Wand

    • Transparent Skin (Especially speed dial)

    • Customizable Mouse Gestures (even through ini files)

    • Customizable Button Layout (even through ini files)

    • Customized Buttons (even through ini files):

    • (Double Zoom, Normal Zoom, Open in IE, Open in Chrome, Wand, Cookies on/off, javascript on/off)


    Im currently unable to use webfonts successfully, and javascript and html5 performance is too poor to use very common websites. Do these newer Operas have what i need yet or should i just switch to firefox or chrome.

  • If you're actually considering switching to Chrome why not give Opera 27 a try instead? It is devoid of certain of Chrome's drawbacks plus it can use Chrome extensions.

  • the main reason i havent already switched to chrome is the creepy security options when it comes to using extensions. mouse gestures (for example) has access to every web page (even encrypted) i visit. it is a bit vague, and i havent really been able to decipher google's privacy options and terminology, even on android.

    i have been trying to find a portable version of opera 27, just so i can try out how well i can customize it, without overwriting my current opera 12 install. i tried an alternate install directory around version 22, and had it not been for a recent windows image i would have lost all opera passwords, bookmarks, tweaks, layout, etc.

  • If you're intent on avoiding extensions, your browser choices are growing thin. Most browsers today are heavily relying on them for detail-level features and customization. I very much share your security concerns about them, but the whole browser design world seems to be careening down that particular path at the moment. It will be interesting to see if Vivaldi moves against that particular current and how far, since it (like Blink Opera) shares the chromium engine. Right now, it looks like V will use extensions just like Chrome and Blink Opera.

    As far as the new Opera versions over-writing the old Presto version, that shouldn't happen if you avoid installing into the same-named folder. Both versions should, can, and do afterward exist side-by-side if one does a normal install. Blink Opera versions should be able to be installed as portable, if that's what you really want, by clicking the standalone/USB option in the installer.

  • Maxthon and Avant are two other browsers with a lot built-in.