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  • As I am passing by I wanted to check on one thing - since Opera has been changed to Opera Next it lost nearly all of its killer feature. The best one was for me was the speed dial with thumbnail that would refresh on reload so I could instantly know what of my regular sites had been updated.

    No fix for that ? No extension doing it ? Are we still with a ridiculously lesser Opera than 4 years ago ?

  • Currently you have to refresh each thumbnail individually. I know of no extension that changes this behavior. You could make a suggestion on the suggestion box forum if you like though.

    Are we still with a ridiculously lesser Opera than 4 years ago ?

    Why do you think talking crap about the browser will encourage us to help you? It has the opposite effect.

  • If this forum is like any other there are people of all opinions. Last time I was here there was a huge flame vs the Opera Next move so I was assuming I wasn't the only one bitter but still keeping my opera in the hope things would get better.

    Also you may acknowledge it's frustrating to see something done well in 2010 then utterly destroyed. My tone isn't kind for Opera but when you create a crowd of follower hooked by some unique features then remove all of those features for no tangible gain, you actually something really nasty, not "nasty like bitching in a forum" but the ergonomic equivalent of a violent slap on hundred of thousands of users.

    Anyway the good thing is that I found a firefox plugins that does just that and even better. Goodbye Opera, I've loved your search engine via URL bar, your speed dial with refreshing thumbnails, your fully customisable UI, your per tab zoom, etc etc. But now others have that while you don't. There is not one single distinctive feature left in you, what were you expecting ?

    For the record, if anyone want that too:

  • remove all of those features for no tangible gain

    Clearly you haven't read any of the reasoning the devs released as to why they made this change. I wont repeat it here as I think you've been spoon fed enough and need to learn how to inform yourself. Lets just say you are ignorant of the greater issues and leave it at that.