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Anyone else having trouble with and mini opera 7.1?

  • I have a LG900G thru Net 10. About mid November 2013, I received an auto text from Net 10 telling me that a newer version of mini opera was available for my phone. I have no clue what I had prior to putting 7.1 on my phone, sad to say. Once I put 7.1 on, I noticed all looked the same, until I went into which Hotmail uses now. Used this without a problem before 7.1. now, when I try to delete a message or a group at a time, they do not delete. The messages do not highlight in blue like they used to. I can tick the box next to the messages to delete, hit the delete button but they are still there. I have refreshed the page and it makes no difference...they are still there in the inbox. Same goes for junk mail too. I have uninstalled and re-installed 7.1 at least 5 times (installed directly from and all signed versions). I then have uninstalled and installed older versions and have noticed that now, the older versions act in the same manner and will not delete messages. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or am i not doing something I should be with this newer version?

  • Delete cookies and access url.

  • I did that...didn't work, still having same problem.

  • I have similar problem and I know what can be the source. So, there's no problem with the new or any version of opera. The problem with I can't select any mail or delete, move them. I can only read them, nothing else.

    And here is the magic. I have 2 accounts. One of them is an old and the second is a new Everything is fine with the but there are the problems - what I've mentioned above and what waynesgurl2 has - with

    When I log into I can see in the url bar:
    and when I log into I can see this:

    I've got the problems first time abut 2-3 weeks ago, before that everything was fine with I don't remember, microsoft changed the url or something in the code of the webpage, but still everything fine with but problems with

    I hope somebody (opera or microsoft) can solve the problem.

  • So, I heard the new Opera Mini 8.0 is out, I just tried it, but the problem is still exists.

  • I have a problem login to my Hotmail account, I use a Blackberry 9780 with Opera Mini version 7.1.33553 . Each time I try to lob on I have a message that "There was a problem...." If I continue to trying,then I got a message from Microsoft that some intrusion has been detectes.

    If I use the default system browser don't have that problem.

    Cleared cache and deleted cookies but the same error.

  • I have similar problems using Opera Mini on Nokia N82.

    Can't delete emails from Outlook (old Hotmail).

    Also can't create new emails.

    Others are reporting the same issues but I have yet to see a solution.

    It had been working OK, but several days ago it started misfiring. Now useless.

  • Nobody has a solution?
    What is write on the forum if nobody answers

  • It was suggested frontpage.

  • It was suggested frontpage. redirects to after login, so it is useless. Emails can not be more clear, and you can not create new ones, a week ago it worked great

  • @digilead
    Well, never tried that. In fact I never send any kind of mail, never, none. That pervert any mail or NSA purpose, I know.

  • Well, never tried that. In fact I never send any kind of mail, never, none. That pervert any mail or NSA purpose, I know.

    Honestly NSA I could not care less, they can read all of my mail and listen to all my phone calls, but if I can not send new emails with Opera Mini will never know anything new even the NSA

  • I've second thought on that too, I mean with hotmail 'create new ones' dilema. So the send button doesn't work? Then try a double click on send button, lets say at less than 1s after loading bar appearance try a second click instance.

  • It does not work exactly the Create Email button, if I click it brings me back to the same page of the inbox, the same with the delete button, I tried them all, if I click twice I cancel the action as it always has

  • If you can, write in this topic, please:

    More people=better chance somebody will response and maybe fix it.

    And a little update: Now, it doesn't work on neither for me.

  • Not only does not work on Opera Mini but not on Opera Web browser, tried with Symbian and Android phone

  • It is not a problem of the web page, the browser is not working as it should. with the default browser on my phone works fine and is the same web page that I opened Opera

  • From what I see I think I first switch browsers, this forum reminds me
    of a movie called "Wasteland", what good is a forum where the only
    one who answers you is someone who has the same problem

  • Hello all of you,

    Today I have send a report to microsoft outlook with this problem.
    Since a few days they have upgrated to , terrible.
    From that moment on I only can read my mail, the reply button doesnt work..nothing works anymore.
    I have also updated the opera because i thought maybe this will help, but not...

    Hope somebody finds a solution, I dont have internet at home (yes some people still dont have that 😉
    and I have to check and answer my mail on regular base.

  • Update : since I can not find any solution ( not by mictrosoft, not by Opera and not by Nokia I have decided to swich to Google mail! I can reply mails, I can start up new mails, so problem solved for me!
    (but only because im not satisfied by the above named company's!