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Opera problems - crashes to blank page

  • Can anyone help with fixing the opera? If not I'm going to format the drive then.

    1.settings doesn't want to open-when i select it, opera crashes and reopens several times at the end to blank page so i can't access settings at all.

    2.yesterday i downloaded adobe plug in update to watch movies for example on facebook but after installing it, when i wanted to start any page, opera turned off and came back to blank page. so uninstalled the plug in but now i can't watch newer movies at all on you tube-just old ones or maybe with different extension or something.

    i downloaded the newest version of opera yesterday cause i thought it's gonna solve the issues but it didn't.

    can anyone help with solving this?

  • This is not the right category. Post it in either opera for windows, mac or *nix, so we know which operating system you are using.

  • i actually posted this in two categories but one was deleted. windows vista home premium. the newest version of opera - 26.0.1656.60

  • ok, so i've done point by point what was written here -

    and nothing happened. still crashes and i can't access settings.

    i can add that i recently scanned the system i throwed out 3 malware files through malwarebytes [two days ago]. maybe that's it and that's causing problems or i don't know. chrome also crashed few months back and i uninstalled it.

    i'm going to restore factory settings thru hidden partition and that will be it-i haven't done that for around 4 years. nobody even bothered to answer so asking for help in opera forum is pointless i see.

  • just an update for who is interested. opera didn't update despite i've downloaded the latest version and installed it-i didn't spot that it had no new features like 3 items are now on the bottom of the blank page.

    despite of retsarting system, opera didn't update itself but after one day i couldn't start her at all. when i restarted the system it started to work and new features appeared. so now i have an access to settings and i updated the flash player and everything works fine.

    so i don't have to restore factory settings at all in my os.

    is it possible that some malware could block opera update itself?

  • Absolutely. I've seen malware knock your entire computer off the net. I once saw some malware that had installed a VPN on a users computer and redirect all their traffic through a server that sniffed their login details for all their login information. Malwave can basically do just about anything if you make the mistake of installing it.

  • i've detected with malwarebytes something [i don't remember the name] that was named "one click download" or something similar. there was three files altogether in opera files like app data and somewhere else. now they're quarantined but is it possible that someone is connecting thru utorrent when it's working? i'm not going to wierd sites or installing unsecured software. just games sometimes cause no money but only from trusted crackers like skidrow. is it possible that even after throwing out this malware that as.hole is still connected to my comp or i just have to go to some site without security?

  • App data is not just for Opera. Many applications use that folder.

    Malwarebytes is a good program but its not perfect. Maybe also run a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials/Defender, depending on the version of Windows you are using and give AdwCleaner a try too.

    'Free games' and cracked games are a *HUGE source of malware. Just because you are downloading a trusted name doesn't mean that someone hasn't been impersonating them to dupe unsuspecting users. It happens all the time.

    As for someone being connected to your PC, nah, I think you are okay. Most malware doesn't make a direct connection to your PC from someone else. Often time they just load bogus, crap software on your computer to earn a little money. The problem you run into is this crap software often times isn't very well programmed and causes serious problems with your system.

  • ok thanks lando242, now i know a bit more but still have few quetsions.

    i have malwarebytes, microsoft security essentials, superantispyware, rkill and tdsskiller - everything recomended by my friend with it knowledge. but the problem is i don't have time for scans sometimes and quick scans are skipping some folders. also full scan of the system takes 2.5h and slows comp even if i reduce usage of resources.

    i know that [about free games] but if i'm downloading i'm trying to reduce the risk as much as i can. also i know this can be a problem-i have to skip folder with games with scan.

    i have 2 last questions:

    1. should i run restore factory settings on my vista?-i haven't done that for 3/4 years. chrome stopped working at all and was crashing whole the time so i get rid of it and most recently opera but it's fixed now. it will take one whole day but maybe it's good idea after all that malware?-in two days this comp is going to my mother so i have two options - clean it and uninstall games, bookmarks etc. or run restore fact. settings. they install malware in games folders also? i have separate folder just for games but it's still on C: but the problem is when scan it, it going to throw out cracks also.

    1. I'd ditch Vista if you can. Microsoft will be ending support for it soon. Windows 7 still has some life left in it, is easy to find cheap and can run well on the same hardware as Vista. Its also a better OS. AS for restoring factory settings I've found that to be hit or miss. Really, if you think your OS is the issue I would backup all your data, format the drive and reinstall.

    Malware can end up anywhere on your drive. Now, these scanners should detect the cracks unless they are malicious. A standard crack wont set off stuff like Malwarebytes. Only a dangerous crack that is actually malware is going to set it off. Run full scans overnight while you sleep and see what it finds. If it finds anything, crack or not, its malware and you need to remove it.

  • well, cracks are bypassing or breaking security settings so they're recognised as viruses almost every time.

    i've checked in other software forums and they've said - to be sure, restore factory settings and run scan after that.

    if i will back up files, the viruses will be saved and will come back. the best thing is to store important files somewhere else and then do what is necessary.

    so in the morning i'm going to restore whole system. it's going to be plenty of empty space on the desktop but it's the best solution, especially if i want to buy something thru internet soon.

    if i will have another problems, i will come back here.

    thanks a lot lando calrissian 242 may the force be with you 😉