Missing Tiles and Cascade

  • Where is the tiles and cascade? I am using Opera 25. Are they removed or something?

  • Opera 25 is a completely different browser from Opera 12 and was recoded from the ground up. Any features 'missing' simply haven't been added yet. Not all features of Opera 12 will be making a return though. I don't about those specific features as the Dev don't have a checklist or anything like that available to the public. They aren't in the current dev release of Opera, version 28, so you wont be seeing them anytime soon.

  • @superjosh04
    There is no multi-document interface (MDI) in new Opera. There is no UI customizability, extra options and full set of features etc. Chrome and its derivatives doesn't have an MDI, so it's highly unlikely that this feature will be ever restored.

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