Opera Next seems to reload speed dial thumbnails each time I start browser

  • I'm getting used to the new new tab page, but Opera is in the habit of reloading the thumbnail icons for the speed dial entries.

    Is there a way to get it to stop looking for new thumbnails? I checked and didn't see any settings for this to un/check.

  • Don't know which version they started using the new start page in. Version 26 has on the speeddial page, a "go to new start page" in the lower right had corner. Click on it switches to a different display of the speeddial page. It doesn't suffer the reloading problem of the old speeddial page on each startup. Note that if a website doesn't have their own favicons, than a generic images will be displayed instead for that website.

  • I am using the new start page version. Most of the thumbnail icons are those generic images. I don't mind that; but each time I open up Opera, the images have to reload. Is there any way to stop this?

  • Well, today the thumbnails have loaded pretty much instantaneously.

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