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  • Hello all.

    TL;DR: Dropping opera forever because it sucks now (I am not one of the 'they-changed-it-now-it-sucks' crowd, these are issues which interfere with my browsing habits, and I refuse to let the software that I use dictate my behaviour)

    I have been an Opera user for almost 15 years. At first it was just my inner-hipster wanting something obscure. But I stayed for the customization options, ease of use, and it was a perfect fit for my browsing habits: I consider myself a power user, with 4+ windows open at any one time, each having at least 20 tabs open.

    I generally don't have problems sticking with software which is sub-par in some areas, but better in others (I am a Linux user after all), so I stuck with Opera, even though certain pages had rendering issues, and Flash was noticeably slower, not to mention JS (loading a JS heavy site brought it to a crawl, FF not as much, Chromium not at all).

    I have visited these forums only once to make a feature request, but it went unanswered (most likely because they knew they were dropping the integrated mail client).

    I have been using Opera 12 on Linux until a week ago, when I upgraded to 26.

    So here is the list of things that I have found bother me enough to switch:

    • Control + [Num] doesn't open speed dial links anymore
    • Gutted settings "dialog"
    • Inconsistent behaviour on tab close (sometimes MRU tab gets activated, sometimes one to the left, what is up with that?)
    • No option to clear history on exit (or I haven't found any, but the number of settings is so low that I doubt that)
    • Clear browsing data doesn't work (I can still see history after clearing)
    • No more Fit-to-width
    • No more drop-down zoom picker (these two are very useful for browsing away from the keyboard, using just the mouse)
    • No more remove-from-toolbar menu option
    • No more arbitrary button placement
    • No more middle-click options (and hence middle-click on the tab bar
    • No more sidebar/panels
    • No more Recently closed tabs list
    • No more of the little corner indicating the tab has a reloaded page (or hasn't been open yet)
    • MRU Control-tab tab switching (seriously, every browser dropped this, what is this, a global movement or something?! I'm a developer, and I frequently have various documentation open in multiple tabs, switching between them quite rapidly, reading one, looking something up in another and so on, so this is a must have for me)
    • Lame new Downloads tab
    • No more Control + Enter for login selection
    • No more progress bar inside address bar
    • No more 10% increments on Control + mousewheel zooming (I think 10% is perfect, maybe just an opinion, but it does offer greater control)
    • No more address tooltip while hovering over link (this is a big problem, as looking up a link destination requires a context switch to glance at the address bar. This might not seem like a big deal, but when developing/looking up docs (or any kind of high concentration activity, really) minimizing context switches is a must, that's why I love gestures and the mouse button navigation (rocker gestures))
    • Sometimes just stops responding (or at least rendering window changes - window title changes to newly selected tab title, but the page remains the old one, with scrolling, text selection not working)
    • No more session management (or is there, I haven't used it in a while)
    • No more startup dialog (was useful on browser crash or similar)
    • No more Allow window with no tabs

    I'm sure there are other things, but I can't think of them right now. And if it was just a few things I could manage. But this is too much.

    Anyway, goodbye forever, guys/girls. I'm leaving Opera for something actually useful to me.