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command line option switches for Outlook Express as email client of choice in Opera 12.17.1863?

  • Opera Help used to contain a useful explanation of the command line switches to use the Windows system email client, or alternate email clients.
    Cannot find that link or that syntax, which was something like line below
    "C:\PROGRAM FILES\OUTLOOK EXPRESS\msimn.exe" "/%1:mailto"
    "C:\MICROSOFT OFFICE\outlook.exe" "/1:URL"
    The version of Opera has changed all of the versions of Opera on my PC and USB drives to
    Assume I will have to use the preferences editor change the email preferences and switches as entering outlook
    or msimn.exe lines in Opera preferences (Ctrl+F12) is cancelled out and the bad choice spelled out above reinserted?

  • I'm not sure what syntax you refer to, or even more specifically just what you're trying to do. The MS knowledge base mentions the command line syntax of:

    "drive:\program files\outlook express\msimn.exe" /option

    with the only two /option choices being either:

    outnews or newsonly


    Also, why are you using a version of Opera instead of Opera's own portable?

  • Look under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Outlook Express\Protocols\mailto\shell\open\command" for the command that Outlook Express uses to handle mailto URIs on the command line. It's what Opera 12.x uses when you set "alt + p -> advanced -> programs -> mailto -> edit" and set "open with default program" when Outlook Express is set as the default client and mailto handler on Windows.

    If you use "open with other application" in Opera 12 for mailto though, you can specify msimn.exe as the program to pass to and then you can specify the parameters in the "param" field. In the param field, you use replacement keys to get the whole mailto URI or part of it.

    %w = whole mailto URI (minus 'mailto')

    %r = whole mailto URI (with 'mailto')

    (or those might be the other way around. I forget)

    %t = To value

    %s = subject value

    %m = body value

    %c = cc value

    %b = bcc value

    If you use the individual values, you can build the mailto URI yourself by using:


    in the param field along with the other Outlook Express parameters. But, it's better to use %r instead.

    So, in the command you get from the registry, instead of "%1" (with the quotes) in one of the params, you use %r

  • So, if you put:




    (I forget which one)

    in the "param" field, things should work. But, it's just better to set Outlook Express as the default mail client and use "open with default application"