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  • Hello friends.
    I can not open this page^GDAXI+Interactive#symbol=^GDAXI;range=1d

    in Opera.

    Works fine in Ffox and Chrome.



  • I have latest Opera

    Version information
    Windows XP
    Browser identification

    Opera/9.80 (Windows NT 5.1) Presto/2.12.388 Version/12.17

  • Opera 12 is not the latest Opera. Opera 26 is the latest version. 12.17 was the last version of Opera based on the Presto rendering engine. Everything from Opera 15 up is based on Chromium. It is a completely new browser from the ground up and is very different. Switching will be a difficult transition and you will find many features greatly changed or missing altogether. That said, the page loads fine for me in the newer version of Opera and Opera 12s development has stopped, so it might be the only option.

  • Thank you lando242.

    Lucky for me I showed my version online. 🙂

    How many more then me think No 12 is the latest.
    When checking for updates (in 12) it replies WRONGLY you have the latest.

    How to inform the Opera Company about this.
    that checking link should be redirected to Opera v15.

    Thanks for the forum - excellent support.
    Now the link works fine here.

    But unfortunately the old feature Reload (choose the reloading time you want)
    that I now needed,
    seams to have been removed.

    Too much internet load?


  • That's because these websites keep loading up their site with new dynamic crap code because they can and sometimes for the worst. I used to like youmail until they recently started using html 5 player instead of flash, and completely broke the functionality old opera. Don't know if it works in new opera. The website developer guys need to have something to do I suppose.

    Hope wikipedia never goes that way. That is one simple enjoyable website.

  • Opera 12 has/had many problems over years with webpages using modern Javascript and is not supported anymore on most actual frameworks. I think, Webdesigners and JS programmers wont fix their webpages for very old browsers with less than 1.5% users.