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An option to never save history (without using a private window)

  • Hello there,

    I'd like to (strongly) suggest that privacy settings be updated such that we can set browsing history to never be saved without needing to use a Private Window. Using a Private Window does stop history from being saved, but it also stops Recent Tabs to be saved, which is problematic, as recent tabs are useful, and are not directly related to making sure history is not saved from session to session. The ability to set the number of history entries saved (or amount of time history is saved for) was a feature in prior versions of Opera, and in pretty much every other web browser. It is an important security option and setting for many users, and it is frustrating and concerning that we are no longer able to do this. I know that it is possible to manually clear browsing history, but that shouldn't be something we need to manually do every time we finish browsing. This is a basic browser functionality/privacy setting that many people need and use, and I very much hope you add it back in to future updates.

    Thank you very much.

  • I agree. It is frustrating to now how have manage my browser history manually, on a session by session basis. History state and private window are separate things. It would be desirable to have the feature returned.