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Delayed loading of background tab in opera 12 ?

  • Hi there !
    I'm using opera 12.10, and wanted to know if there is a way to delay loading of background tabs when you start opera with a saved session, I know this feature is avaible for higher versions but I'm on the v12.10 and want to keep it 😃
    Thanks !

  • Probably not, no.

  • @vertus01
    Unfortunately, not possible in "true" Opera. This feature was one of the most requested by users. But Desktop Team had ignored this suggestion.

    My Opera 12 usually have a lot of opened tabs. So, the start(restart) of the browser could be really annoying.

    I am using special batch(.cmd) file that starts Opera in "lite mode" that radically reduces Opera's start up delay.

    The batch file simply asks me:

    • Do you want to disable javascript in Opera? Yes/Cancel.
    • Do you want to disable plugins? Yes/Cancel.
    • Do you want to disable images? Yes/Cancel.
    • Do you want to enable Offline mode ("Work offline")? Yes/Cancel.

    For an example, with disabled JS and images, Opera starts much faster with a much less intensive CPU workload.

    Also, i have the custom buttons(made by me) in my Opera toolbar config. The buttons allow me to enable JS/Plugins, disable Offline mode, enable(load) images in all opened tabs in a quick way.

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