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Feedback on Opera Classic/Mini

  • I've been using Opera Classic on my Android phone and I want to say a couple of things.

    First, Opera Classic is your best browser for mobile devices and you should continue to develop it. It makes browsing with one hand easy and it looks nice. The regular Opera browser looks lame and annoying, I find the design of Classic/Mini much better. It is clear, definitive and not overly-simplified. I have 2 suggestions though to improve the browser:

    1. In the speed menu there is one block with a plus in it. This icon is taking up unnecessary space and I suggest you move it under the Manage-menu or better yet, add another menu under the Opera-icon main menu. Here's a picture to show you what I mean:
    2. When I click the Opera icon and then Quit, the program asks whether I am sure and I have to click Yes or No. This isn't really necessary since Opera -> Quit already takes 2 clicks and is enough to guarantee there won't be any accidental exits.

    No other complaints or suggestions. I hope you continue to develop the Classic/Mini browser for Android since your regular browser is quite frankly bad.

  • The devs won't update Opera Classic anymore, deal with it. Opera Mini beta 2 has the new interface and new engine (I guess).

  • Indeed that's why I wrote Classic/Mini, since they're essentially the same browser.

  • hello developers. I've just downloaded the new Opera mini for my android. I've selected the classic mode for browsing which had a description " easy one- handed navigation". everything was alright except the ' stop' button which is at the top right corner of the browser and that was at the navigation bar for previous versions. Can you please place it back to its original place. There is no need for the' start up' page button in the navigation bar.Also i can't select the text bar with long touching for pasting or copying...

  • please add ' send to homepage' option. please

  • the new opera mini is a real asshloe .fcuking UI and no improvement over old one.

  • @sagowtham: Explain what's so bad with the new one.

  • Opera mini rocks because it's blazing fast! I'm working on a farming project in Ukraine and only 2G out on the fields - 3 to 7 seconds loading/page! (Mozilla is the fastest complete browser, 30 to 60 sec. loading/page). Although, I am using a very lightweight program for gathering data (

    One missing function which would be hugely appreciated is the ability to save more than one login/pass (2 drivers share one tablet per tractor). Or did I miss it somewhere (only asks if I want to replace the previous login/pass)?
    Thanks, Mike

  • I wonder why Opera mini 4.5 (Java) suddenly stopped working and cannot be reinstalled also? Over week now...
    I've tried many times download & install - no success, the install always fails ?!
    At the same time I have no problem with the installation of older versions - 4.2 & 4.1, and they DO work.
    Is Opera mini version 4.5 has been discontinued?

  • @mikeua7 your request seems silly and impractical. why don't just also install opera mini beta ?

  • @d-wa I managed to install Opera mini v.7x and mini v.8x/9x, so a work-around (v8x and v.9x don't load on one tablet - without rooting and voiding the tablet warranty). Just would be nice (and logical?) to be able to save more than one login/pass on one version, preferably the most up-to-date one 🙂

  • The dreaded red blot 'Oops Error' (Transcoder error?) is back since updating to v.10 (and on beta). Quite often actually :-\

  • The 'Oops Error' seems to be fixed, works good again, thanks! 🙂

  • Opera Mini's browsing speed is too much slower than UC Browser. Also UC Browser can Save more Data by compressing the webpages in more higher level than poor Opera Mini. I'm totally fed up with poor Opera. Now Opera is too bad to use

  • Swipe -down to refresh page feature -

    seems like a cool feature, but more often than not I'm just browsing to the top of the page and accidentally activate a re-fresh. With 4G coverage this is not much of an issue, but for much of the developing world (i.e. 2G) this is frustrating and time consuming.

  • How about putting the 'Swipe down to refresh page' as a settings option (default: off), so users can choose to turn on/off (like single column view)? Not sure how much 'heavier' this would make Mini.

  • #Feature Requests
    ##Compact Tabs

    • The brand new Firefox app for iOS has an excellent tab view. The tabs are tiled out nice and flat on the screen, enabling the user to have a birds eye view over many tabs at once. I think this is superior to a 3D based tab view.
      ##Better History Search
    • I want an easy simple way to be able to search through my history. Right now, searching in the url bar only shows me a couple of the websites I have visited that match my search query.
      ##Better Download Manager
    • Better download/file manager.
      ##Better Sync
    • I really, really, really want to be able to sync my history and open tabs between opera mini and opera on my mac
  • I've been using opera mini from its early days on the Nokia S40 platform, upgraded through various versions and now I'm using the latest version for Android devices. It's impressive as always but one thing that I miss the most is the ability to personalise the app with themes and more. I really miss being able to personalise the app with different themes to suit ones need.

  • I for one would not mind seeing the classic tab system make a return. The current one waste so much time in its swiping and oversized previews.

    With Opera classic and the old mini, i could have something like 10 tabs open and quickly switch between them. With the new interfaces i can barely have 3 up, add a 4th and i have to swipe back and forth to get to either end.

    And no, the tablet view is not a replacement. It too is severely limited in the number of tabs it can show at once (somewhere between 4 and 6 depending on device orientation), and makes for a even smaller target to interact with than the previews.

  • Please bring back multi window compatibility and,
    Bring in 'New Tab' option '+' in the Menu bar itself... Please...