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  • Just a heads up, Opera 12 and the current Opera are not the same program. There is no shared code. The new version of Opera is a completely different program written from the ground up and best on a different rendering engine.

    What happened to the fast forward feature (the ability to quickly move to the next image aka Next(Space))

    It hasn't been re-added to this version.

    How do I create sessions in the new Opera?

    There is no native session system in this version. There are some extensions that add sessions though. I find Session Buddy to be an excellent session manager and better than the one included in Opera 12. To install it in Opera you will need the 'Download Chrome Extension' installed and then you will need to get Session Buddy from the Chrome store.

    Does Opera collect browsing history information?

    You mean for themselves or on your computer for you?

    I can't click and drag images with the left mouse button like in the old Opera?

    You mean like scroll around large images? Middle mouse button does that now. IIRC there are some extensions that replicate the old behavior but I don't know them off the top of my head.

    Whay aren't all of the old feature not in the new Opera?

    See above.

    Why the new version?

    The old Presto rendering engine was falling behind and becoming a burden to maintain. Unfortunately the old UI was so integrated with the renderer that they couldn't simply trade out one renderer for another. It would have been easier to build the browser from scratch that to try and salvage the old UI. So thats what they did.

  • I am having a problem with this version of Opera. Apparently there's a website I use that has recently gone all https and they use their host's SSL certificate. In Opera, this is what it says, and that's it:

    This webpage is not available

    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

    It works in other browsers though, this seems like a pretty serious bug that it doesn't give you any choices to accept the certificate or anything. Please, does anyone have a fix?

  • Works fine for me in Opera 28. Make sure you have Opera Turbo turned off and that its not an extension causing the problem. Also, please don't hijack other peoples threads with unrelated issues.

  • I don't know how it's hijacking a thread when I'm writing about a problem I'm having with the exact same version of the browser in the title, yet your response is perfectly acceptable even though you tell me a different version of the browser works than the one in the subject line...

    Opera Turbo has always been off, and I have exactly one extension, which I disabled and tried reloading the page, and it gave the exact same result. So, does anyone actually USING Opera 26.0.1656.60 have a different result with that webpage? Thanks.

  • While you might be using same version that doesn't mean your problems were relevant to their problems. Thats how forums generally work. Each thread is its own train of thought and continuity and if you want to post something not in that continuity you start your own thread. The entire forum is for posts related to the Windows version of Opera including version 26 so you should have created you own thread specific to that problem.

    You didn't say anything in your first post about what version of Opera you were using. Since there are no less then 4 versions for Windows that are covered here I mentioned it worked fine in 28. Thats the version I have installed so thats the only one I can test with. While the version is mentioned by the original poster you left that information out and described a completely different issue. I had just assumed you had mis-posted in the wrong thread and were probably using an older version of Opera, some of which are known for having certificate issues.

  • FWIW the loads fine here with 26.0.1656.60 and a bunch of extensions and plugins.

  • Too bad about the hijacked thread. Maybe Ritalin would help the fellow or a university level logic course.

    -Thanks for your reply.

    -When will the fast forward feature be added? It is one of the reasons why I switched to Opera from IE.

    -The same goes for the session feature. It was a fantastic feature and now I have take time to figure out how to install Session Buddy. Perhaps Opera can develope and/or integrate its own 'Session Buddy'. I would love to see it back into the UI.

    -Does the Opera development team (marketting, head office, etc) collect any personal user information such as sites visited, information downloaded, etc.

    -I tried the middle button scroll function and it is not as easy to use nor as precise as the older 'grab and drag' mouse feature. I would love to see this back as well, and oh yes, this too is a reason why I switched to Opera.

    -Replying to this thread involved a lot of scrolling up and down. A great new feature would be a 'split screen' feature like in MS Word. I use it all the time in Word.

    -Is this discussion forum the best place to make suggestions? Do Opera developers and Product Management read this discussion forum?

  • I don't know how it's hijacking a thread when I'm writing about a problem I'm having with the exact same version of the browser in the title

    You may use the same version of Opera, but you are not the topic starter and your problem is totally unrelated to the topic starters questions, so you are the one hijacking this topic.

    If you have a problem, go find a related topic (with the same problem as you) to post in or create your own topic. OK ?.

  • Is this discussion forum the best place to make suggestions? Do Opera developers and Product Management read this discussion forum?

    The best place to post ideas and suggestions about Opera or any of its services is the Suggestion Box. Opera employees do visit that part of the forum (as well as other parts), but you shouldn't expect to receive a response from them.

  • Is lando 242 an Opera developer?

  • No. Opera devs mostly do have an employee badge like we mods do have moderator badges.