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Opera 26 interrupts flash player if hold mouse.

  • My secret vice is jigsaw puzzles on Puzzle Society. They are well made and interesting to solve. However, for some time Opera has fielded a warning if I hang on the the left button:

    ..The "Shockwave for Director" plug-in is slowing down your computer. You can wait for it to recover or stop it now.

    ..Stop plug-in......Wait

    The warning goes away if I release the left button.

    I sometimes try a piece here and there, which takes a bit of time, but the warning is a needless interruption. Not too well thought out, too, as the instant I release the button to click on one of the alternatives, the warning disappears. Anyway, I certainly don't want to stop the plug-in. I might opt for Wait if I could, but I don't know what, exactly, Wait means.

    Does anyone know of a way to stifle this pest?

  • Flash Player is not Shockwave Director Player. This is a Shockwave Director Player problem.

    On my Windows 7 i cant load a jigsaw puzzle, the plugin does not start.

    Pelase show me a link (without need to register) where i have to use Flashplayer to play the puzzle.

  • You are right; I missed that. The plug-in is

    Adobe Shockwave Player
    Version: 12.1.5r155
    Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version

    You may solve a sample jigsaw by going to Select Jigsaw and then Universal Jigsaw and, if your Shockwave Player is working, you will see a Jigsaw of autumn leaves. To give yourself room, close the preview inset. You can slide the pieces individually; when a matching pair comes close they will snap together with an audible Pop. If you hold a piece with the left mouse button for a little while the warning will appear. You can still move the piece under the message box but you have to release the left button to make the box go away.

    I have tried the puzzle on Chrome and IE and do not get the same problem. That points to Opera as the source of the message, not Adobe.

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