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Opera not supported by Google Drive?!?

  • I'm using Opera 26.0.1656.60 and when I log into Google Drive I get a message pop up saying that "You are using an unsupported browser". Now I know that Google want to push people to Chrome, but since Opera now uses Googles' Blink layout engine you'd think Google would be a little bit kinder to Opera users. I assume that people using the latest versions of IE and Firefox don't get this message? What really hurts is that Google Drive seems to work just fine in Opera!

  • Indeed, Google loves to make browser sniffing to Opera...

  • I think it seems a bit like Google is destroying the web, they want their websites to only work in Chrome so everyone have to install it, and they don't want to follow web standards. We had problems like this previously when the browser war was between Microsoft and Netscape. Please, Google, don't mess it up again. I really hope this is not the case.

  • I doubt anyone of importance at Google reads the Opera forums.

  • I doubt anyone of importance at Google reads the Opera forums.

    Is there anyone of importance at Google ?. :D

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