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  • This is my first post on the forum guys, so still trying to figure out how this works. I kind of wanted to give the Opera team some feedback on the changes that I've seen in the Opera browser. As a long-time Opera user, I have always been proud to use Opera, but I am not too happy with the current trend of changes.

    First off, in Opera 12 one used to be able to delete the default search engines (and their hotkeys) in the 'manage search engines' option in settings. I'm sure it is still possible by going into the registry or something, but I would like to see this function return to opera as I like having YouTube under 'y' instead of Yahoo.

    Secondly, Opera does not automatically pick up passwords anymore. I have looked into my settings and I do have this function enabled. This only occurs for some websites, like my University log-in and my Live (Outlook) log-in.

    Thirdly, I would like to see the 'clear browser data after every session' function return to Opera 19. It is annoying to have to delete it time and time again and there used to be one function that just did it automatically when you closed your browser.

    Fourthly, in Opera 12 there used to be a function to delete the + ('add a page to speed dial') page. I know this is a small thing, but I would like to get rid of the scroll bar in the Speed Dial. Also, I would like to have the option to put my own image on speed dial (like in Opera 12).

    And lastly, probably most importantly, Opera 19 is not stable for me. It keeps shutting down every so often and I have no idea what it is. I have uninstalled Opera and installed it again and I have installed all plug-ins and extensions again.

    I understand that this might sound like I'm whining about a lot of small stuff, but let's be honest, small stuff is what matters in the competitive browser environment. These are some of the things that made me choose Opera in the first place and I am hoping that by posting this, I can at least get these functions back for everyone like me out there. So I hope that you guys will do something with this feedback...

    Many thanks

    Edit: two things I just thought of right now, I also miss the 'shift+enter' combination for filling out your password (as in Opera 12). That gave me a more secure feeling, because someone who might look at my laptop might not know Opera and then does not know the shift enter combination to get into e.g. my Facebook.
    Another thing is the recently closed tabs. Would there be an easier way to fit this in? I thought it was much better in Opera 12...

  • When posting in a forum for the first time, it's best to first do a search to see whether or not your points have already been addressed. In your case... all of these points have been raised numerous times over the past eight months. I suppose it might help you define in your own mind what is wrong and/or missing with the new version but in truth, the thread does not really help the developers or the other members who have been over this ground endless times now. Sorry. I don't mean to be critical of your post. I'm just telling you like it is.

  • Well I can understand some of these requests and at the same time sometimes the need for them can be circumvented.

    Search engines: the devs said they're looking into ways to protect the search engine settings before letting users define a default search engine (and presumably letting them edit the default ones) so they can't be hijacked by third-party software (that crap found in many adware software or download sites these days). Until them I'd find it easy to add yt for YouTube.

    Speed Dial: the + is very small issue, perhaps they could mimick the Opera Mobile UI positioning the + in the address bar nonetheless.
    And you can already use your own image there. You can open the image in Opera, right-click it and set as the SD background / theme and there's an opera:flags setting to enable a theme creator.

    Closed tabs: not really hard to access IMO.

    Stability: it rarely crashes here. Go to opera:plugins and disable all that you don't really use.

    Clear all browsing data after every session: this looks like an OCD to me.

    Passwords:, your University and various banks use a propriety to request the browser to not save the password. Opera now respects that propriety.
    Ctrl+Enter for passwords: this is based on the premise you share a computer or laptop without any OS user account lock.

    What I do: I have my own password protected user account, I save the passwords when possible but mostly avoid dealing with this by selecting "Remember me" when I login to sites and don't clear the browsing data ever (only when I encounter a problem where clearing the cache would help or something).
    Edit: now I realize any other Admin account can steal my Opera profile folder and access anything I left open (cookies, not passwords) but I guess I'll have to trust the people here.

  • Thanks guys, I didn't mean to recycle some of these issues - I honestly just thought I was being OCD about these things nobody else really cared about. Though like I said, I valued these functions in the previous versions.

    Thanks rafaelluik for outlining the rational behind these changes. I am glad that there is a way around some of the issues I'm experiencing and that they have been raised and are being worked on. Really appreciate you guys' efforts!

  • There's nothing wrong with these requests I think, as long as you post in the wish-list forum after searching for duplicate threads for each one (so you can just join them).