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  • This is nonsense. The sync feature works great, so much so that when I deleted a bookmark (or a folder , nope, especially deleting any folder!), ALLLLLL my bookmarks are gone! Poof! in a bloody instance! Including the 'cloud'! How do I know? I've got both Opera next(or beta) and opera proper installed. Bloody hell waste of time. All the bookmarks stored are now gone! Opera, roll out the features when you fully tested them, don't roll out half baked products!. Staying on FVD now.

  • Opera should have a old version Bookmarks.bak in Opera's profile folder

    Open "%APPDATA%\Opera Software\Opera Stable" (Opera#s profile folder) in Explorer
    Copy Bookmarks.bak to Desktop
    Close Opera
    Copy Bookmarks.bak from Desktop to "%APPDATA%\Opera Software\Opera Stable" and rename to Bookmarks
    Start Opera

    Old Bookmarks should be back.

  • Tried your suggestion. Doesn't work.

    Overall a very upsetting experience with this feature. I rather you sync my speed dials instead. They never get synced across the two browsers. This bookmark feature is pretty broken. It works if you keep dumping new bookmarks in, but if you try to remove anything from it, it goes bonkers with the rest of the bookmarks you did not intend to remove. BAH.

  • Sorry to say, sync does not work very stable. But your action deleting all bookmarks without a daily backup is your fault.

  • What is that? It's user fault for losing data? Nope. It ain't my fault. I deleted 1 folder. The browser removed ALL. And there isn't any backup options available is there? No export functions is found in bookmarks. If doing a backup daily is doing the steps you provided, WHO THE HELL will know that??????

    I've recorded the whole mess in a video:

    As you can see in the video, deleting 1 freaking bookmark removed ALL the folders in the Bookmark sections. Along with everything else. And FYI, the 'cloud' sync works so well that the instance that happen, my opera beta will completely wipe off its bookmarks too. So sync is not at fault here.

    because this isnt a page crash, Opera didnt prompt for bug report. I can't see anyway to report this bug, hence i'm creating a thread here. If you can't solve it, and if you are somebody within the Opera company, please tell the developer to fix it. If you are just trying to help, get out of this thread and go for a coffee. You are not helping by suggesting a user is at fault for a bloody software issue.

  • Thanks for the video!
    Oh yes, i confirm this. Not your fault. Please apologize.

    The bookmarkmanager has bad bugs, deleting bookmarks or folders from places it should not!

    Why dfont you report this as a bug at , sent them the video with mail and i'll confirm the bug.

  • Done.

  • Thanks, which Bugnumber (for me others to confirm the bug)?

  • Dna-32091