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Speed Dial square setup (colors)

  • Hi there,

    Does anybody knows how speed dials squares setup works in Opera 26+? I mean the colors. Is there any way to set this? I dont like the way it is done now and I want to have more flexibility in this area. Is there any way to setup color of my Speed Dial bookmarks?

  • Aren't your speed dial items screenshots of the webpages?

  • No. In Opera 26 you have favicon or web address. If there is favicon than it is no problem for me, but when favicon cannot be use in Speed Dial than Opera generate tile with randomly (or not I dont know) color. I want to change this color. Where to find file where this setup is store?

  • Just wait for a newer version to come out and you'll have screenshots for your icons. 28 is already there. 27 might have it also.

  • Actually I like new way of presence web address. I just want to have an option to change colors. 😉

  • I think that apachpoland has his speed dial set to the new start page. Is that correct, apachpoland? The old start page was the one that had download images from web site that were saved in the speed dial. Latest version of opera lets you change which one you want to use. As far as I know, there currently is no way to change the color in the new speed dial. Would be nice. For example you could categorize similar websites with the same color. Say for example dark green for gaming sites and group them together. Could add this to the wish list to the developers.

  • Exactly, I am using new speed dial page. Didnt mention it before.

    Where to find whish list?

  • Actually it's called the suggestion box, were posters wish or ask for things in future version of opera. Found here: Three hundred & twenty-seven threads and counting.