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HTML5-website causes Opera to switch tab or change zoom level

  • The HTML5-version of a product catalog (used on a German retailer website) causes Opera to change to another tab and to change the zoom level of the catalog-tab.

    For examples see the demo-versions of the catalog-developers ("Cominto") and chose "1. HTML5-Basispaket [ Webversion ]":

    1. The catalog doesn't respond to clicks on any button.

    2. The only way to change the page is entering a number in the page-number field.

    3. When entering a bigger number than the current page, Opera switches to the next tab on the right, When entering a smaller number to the next tab on the left.

    4. At the same time the zoom level of the catalog tab is enlarged every time you enter a number.

    Important to reproduce: Not all numbers do trigger the same result. Sometimes it switches the tab, sometimes not.

    Also in some cases the zoom level is elevated, in other cases it's set to the smallest possible level. It "worked" quite often when changing to the next page or back.

    Can anyone confirm this?
    (Windows 8.1 x64, all extensions disabled)

  • Oh, BTW I'm talking about current Opera stable (26.0.1656.60)

  • Yes, i can confirm the problem with accidently zoomed Opera 26 STABLE + Opera 27 BETA.

    Seems to work with current Opera 28 DEVELOPER without problems.

  • Thank you for checking the other versions as well. Did it not switch tabs on your machine?

  • No, the catalogue does not switch to other tabs.