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Opera Mail: Where do I set the download location?

  • It seems that in Opera Mail, compared to mail in the older Opera, they've stripped so many things from Preferences. I want to set the default browser (it uses 3 different ones from time to time), default download location and other things. There's almost nothing in Preferences. The icons on the page give you almost no control like we had before. Otherwise Opera Mail is excellent.

    Is it true this product has been discontinued?
    If so, what are the favorite replacements?

  • Presto development has been essentially discontinued by Opera. Opera Mail, being functionally just the mail portion of the old Opera browser software with the browser disabled, is also Presto-based. So, in essence, its feature development is also at an end.

    As far as replacements, Thunderbird is one program that gets mentioned by users here. I use and really like PocoMail, but alas, it's no longer being developed. In fact, eMail technology has become sufficiently static that not much has really changed with eMail client software over time. For that matter, what stops you from simply using your old Opera browser version, just for its eMail client (if things seem "stripped out" of some of the "Opera Mail" preferences)?

  • You can try adding opera:config back and access most preferences that way.

    You can make Opera Mail the default.

    Links in Opera Mail will open up in the default browser on the system. So, set your default browser in the system. If you want Opera Mail to open links in a specific browser, I'm not sure you can do that. What you'd do though is configure the http and https protocols in "alt + p -> advanced -> programs" in Opera 12, close it down and look at its operaprefs.ini in its preferences folder. There should be http and https entries in there that you can copy to Opera Mail's operaprefs.ini. But, don't know if it'll override Opera Mail's default handling as expected. Also note that in Opera 12, the https and http settings might be stored in handlers.ini where operaprefs.ini has a protocol version section that tells Opera to use handlers.ini. You might have to duplicate both parts to make it work in Opera Mail. But, again, it might not override Opera Mail's default handling as that might be hardcoded.