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Problem with Google maps with Opera Beta Version: 27.0.1689.29

  • Google always is great for finding places. You just type in any street address, hit enter and you get a basic map. Then you click on that basic map and it expands showing you local streets etc., depending on how far you + or - it out.

    However now with Beta Opera 27 after you click on the basic map from the search results it shows all local streets etc but after a couple seconds the entire page goes white and blank! This makes Google maps useless with Opera 27! When I use Firefox or Chrome Google maps works fine but with Opera 27 it just keeps going blank!

    Any solution for this?
    Have AdBlock and when it's disabled Google still goes blank!

  • Google maps still goes blank a couple seconds after showing a map of what you search for, when using beta Opera 27.

    Any solutions or fix for this?

  • same problem here, even with stable 26

  • Is this problem for you with all maps everywhere?

    Works fine with 27.0.1689.33, no white page after zoom with mouse doubleklick or +/- tool sign with Google maps (.de and .com).

    Which Linux do you use? Which graphics card an drivers?

  • Using beta Opera 27.0.1689.33 with Ubuntu 14.04LTS and Google maps only goes blank and white using it.

    Have a NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 630 graphics card using the recommended NVIDIA driver.

    This started happening with Beta Opera 27 a few weeks ago and prior to that Beta Opera ran Google maps normally.
    FWIW I still have Opera 12.06 on this PC and Google maps runs fine and normal with Opera 12.06.

    Google maps works fine and normal with Firefox and Chrome.

  • Have you tried disabling 'Hardware Acceleration' in Opera's settings ?, if you happen to have it enabled, that is.

  • Disabled 'Hardware Acceleration' and it had no effect. Google maps still goes blank a couple seconds after showing a map of area Googled.

  • Been using Bing maps until this gets resolved. Bing doesn't blank out and works fine.

  • Well I now have Opera 27.0.1689.44 and Google maps still blanks out and can't be used. Will this ever be fixed?

    Glad I kept Opera 12.16 version where Google maps still works flawlessly.

  • Opera 28.0.1750.15 installed a couple days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see Google maps working fine again, just like before.