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  • Second full day with 28. So far not ONE problem for my operation, in spite of Opera's clear declaration, "Opera crashes on activating find in page on Windows and LinuxIt". {Whatever that means} It actually seems identical to 27 except that the task bar icon for 27-b is a grey "O", while the icon for 28-d is a white "O" in a blue field.

    For those with the understanding, "Today we update Opera developer to version 28. It includes a major version upgrade to Chromium (41.0.2236.0). It also includes more than 150 key fixes and improvements to Opera." That should encourage guys that the Norskies aren't sitting around drinking strong coffee through a sugar cube!

    Fun to try.... Good Luck

  • You're a trail-blazer, bill. :cheers:

  • Not really, just happen to like knowing how to best use the tools available. For instance....

    I choose to ignore the Bookmark Bar and all that goes with it, preferring use of Speed Dial [what a crummy name]. In fact, the ONLY thing about that that bothers me is the right click menu on each S-D folder; all fourteen of them. There is only a TINY cursor position difference between 'Edit Title' and 'Delete Folder'. SUPER care, here, or potential enormous PINTHEA! Pays of often back up :.....AppData > Roaming > Opera Software > Opera Developer {or Opera Next}, so you can get back to the S-D folder you didn't mean to delete!

    Kick the tires; it's harmless. Every browser in my rig is completely separate, independent.

  • Kick the tires; it's harmless. Every browser in my rig is completely separate, independent.

    I understand. Have you read Ed Bott's (ZDNET) article: Are the Browser Wars Over? It's an interesting summary found here:

  • Old "Law" : Sumpin's wrong with everything. When I click O-12.17 I know one URL in my list that will require me to 'Open with'......I.E.11. NO other browser works with that Medical Supply joint. I even asked them on the twisted pair if they had something going with uSoft! Earlier, non-chromium based Firefox versions used a LONG Bookmark scroll list that pulled my eyeballs out...zooming up the screen.

    It may well be possible that all browsers [except I.E.] will BE chromium, with different paintjobs. OK by me, as long as they work. I've haunted this Forum for a long time, reading about things others do with their browsers. Stuff I don't even know what IS. I go to a bunch of S-D bookmarks, snoop and download YouTube Music MP4's, pay the bills, SKYPE with Friends and Family. When any of my browsers do the first three, I am happy...and they ALL do it, so, for me it's just another hobby. I only broke my silent watch here to encourage others to enjoy MY hobby. If that doesn't happen, I wasted my time and TERRIBLE typing! One Negative thing: I hate Safari !!!

    With the advent of hand-held can occasionally TALK over...and the Sea of Apps, maybe the demand FOR browsers WILL shrink to where Windows users will either yawn and use I.E.(x)...or chromium with the paint job they like...

  • One Negative thing: I hate Safari !!!

    I'd say that was a positive. :yes:

  • Heeee... Yes, I guess so.

    I'm happily running along with 28-D, and will daily check my S-D Bookmark for '1719.0' updates.

    Since my goal on here in the first place was to try to encourage 'experimenting' in OPERA, I'm sort of sorry to see my thread moved away from the General Windows viewing area, but as I think about it, and the Forum structure, it makes sense. I pretty much said my piece anyway, so I'll go back to just snooping around. Doesn't appear there are any Wild Hares that will run 28-D 'default' anyway.

    Now...if "29 Developer" surfaces... I may, too! OPERA has always been great fun and I appreciate it.....

    Merry Christmas........... or Whatever fits, in this Global Gang

  • Hey....while I'm at it, I do wonder why 'BING' isn't offered as a default searcher? Point of fact I have included BING dot COM as one page in my Start-Up set of pages. Not quite as handy as the Opera Search Method, but both The Missus and I like BING better...............

  • Bing may be abondanded by Opera for contract issues, i dont know.

  • Possibly the old Microsoft/OPERA fire isn't completely out; still smoldering. No problem, with BING Start-Up tab.....

  • My wife and I use Bing as well. Of course, given that our son works for MS I suppose it makes sense. I pretty much do the same as you, bill... bookmark Bing and use it exclusively for my searches.