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Opera 26, Yosemite and resource hogging.

  • Hi,

    I'm currently running the latest version of Opera (26.0.1656.60) on Yosemite. I keep experiencing Opera being a constant source of irritation due the resource hogging and battery drain.

    If I'm on a site running videos or lots of pictures (eg. youtube and I'll notice the process "Opera Helper" taking up 100-140 % of my CPU and make the fan spin up to a noisy and extremely annoying level.

    Have any of you guys any solutions to this issue besides switching to Win?

  • Update flash player ?.

  • I haven't installed flash player since it's an ever bigger annoyance with Opera.

    The entire system is fresh (about a month old). Opera wasn't migrated from the old system either.

  • The “Opera Helper” process is either audio/video decoding (which is a resource intensive task) or a plug-in (which can be very resource intensive). If you enable View: Developer Menu and then choose Developer: Task Manager from the menu bar, you’ll see more details on what the processes are doing.

  • I have the very similar problem. Reason why I switched to chrome. Unfortunately I've a lot of bookmarks within Opera since I'm a long time user, maybe 14 years+ or so. One thing that would help is setting flash content "on demand". So Opera won't play content until you click on the symbol of lash content. It's usually a black field w. that triangle symbol.

  • Is Opera supposed to use as many resources (and slightly more= as Chrome does on Yosemite? Same tabs and same extensions.

  • Hello i have the similar problem, what can i do?? Thanks

  • For me opera uses less resources/battery than chrome or firefox on my macbook air (2013). I'm using opera 28 though.

    My suggestions for best resource usage/performance:

    Make sure you are using ppapi flash (, and disable npapi flash in opera:plugins

    Enable click to play for plugins: Opera menu > settings > websites > click to play

    Enable tab hibernation: opera://flags/#tab-hibernation

    If you are using adblock or adblock plus, consider switching to ublock (much lighter on memory and cpu):