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Redirected by Vodafone when trying to access any website.

  • Good evening,

    When I use Opera Mini (both stable and beta versions) to connect to the internet via mobile data, Vodafone redirects me and denies me access to any website I try to load (it thinks I'm trying to access adult content). Interestingly, when I use the data-sucking browser that came with android, it works fine. Opera Mini also works fine over WiFi. I've tried talking to Vodafone to remove this 'Content Control' (which I haven't been aware of until now) but they won't have any of it.

    Any suggestions as to where the problem lies?


  • Any suggestions as to where the problem lies?

    With Vodafone, obviously.

    Which is one of the reasons I don't use my Vodafone 3g dongle any more.

    They are obviously detecting the proxy (via Opera's server) that Opera Mini uses to compress and save (you) data, and I guess alarm bells are ringing at their end.

  • Must be switch on mobile vf homepage or account at Other than that on internet settings vf proxy wipe out should fix the problem.

  • I had this problem too! Opera Mini works fine on wifi but not on 3g. In the past I was getting the content control message, now I just get a connection error message. Also with Vodafone (UK) . Other browsers work fine. I think Linuxmint7 is right, it probably is to do with the proxy, but I don't see anything in My Vodafone settings that could change that.

  • Could you please check if Opera for Android with Offroad mode enabled works for you on 3G?

  • Hi. I tried it and no, it doesn't. I'd had another idea, I discovered Opera Max and installed it. Yesterday it worked fine with my usual browser - CM Browser - but today it isn't working any more! Yesterday the only site I could get on Opera Mini was one for Vodafone FreeBees that is bookmarked on the home page speed dial; it has a URL. But today that is no longer working either, although I was able to get to that site on Opera for Android with off-road enabled. To summarise it looks like each time you try a different approach there is limited success initially which then ends up not working. But I think it is a Vodafone problem, not an Opera one.

  • Has anyone come up with a solution? And yes, you could well be right about it being a Vodafone problem. I'm with Talkmobile (owned by Vodafone) and have exactly the same problem. I've also found Mini seems to work fine once and then stops working.

    I did a fresh install, even though I'd been using Mini for well over 2 years without any problems up to November on 3G. Next day started Mini again and it just doesn't work on 3G. I've tried this now 3 times and same result each time. Even leaving Opera Mini running doesn't stop it refusing to connect via 3G. At home no problems but then I'm on my Wifi.

  • Just an update. I sent an email to Talkmobile and they replied that Vodafone had introduced content restrictions and that was also probably applied to proxy servers. They weren't aware that Opera Mini was affected. I was asked if I wanted the restriction to be removed. This I did ask for.

    Yesterday I received another email saying that the content control and premium info bar would be removed from my account. This would take 7 days.

    Today at 11am, I received a text saying that I had full access to the internet. I'd already been told to reboot the phone. This I did and since then it has been full speed ahead using Opera Mini. I've closed and reopened Mini lots of times since and no problems using 3G at all. 🙂 So the solution is to contact Vodafone or your telco if they use Vodafone's network.

    Only passing comment I would say is that it would have been nice to have been notified prior to parental controls (which is what it is) being introduced.

  • Thanks for the update idonno, that's useful to know. Others may want to do that, I don't know if I will, I would definitely recommend Opera Max,it works very well, has minimal battery drain, and it doesn't just work with your browser, but all your 3g connected activity - email, games etc. Having said that, I don't understand why Opera Mini servers would be blocked and Opera Max's wouldn't, so maybe they will at some point in the future, in which case the call will need to be made 🙂