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Opera 17 - bookmarks and other troubles

  • Rule #1 "Please search before posting "

  • Maybe you should locate the previous version of Opera you were using before you installed Opera 17 (which will still be on your machine, unless you uninstalled it) and keep using that instead.

    You and/or Opera (Blink) are obviously not ready for each other yet, and no amount of whining or complaining will change that. So you may as well stick with the old version, for now.

  • Originally posted by scratchspace:

    A lack of familiarity with the rules is probably not the issue here, Pesala.

    It surely is. A search would soon reveal how to add the Quick Access Bar (the "Quick link bar at the top") to Opera 17, and how to reopen closed tabs.

  • Maybe you guys could have a more helpful attitude. I have been using Opera since it was ad supported and have spent 15 minutes searching until I finally came to this page. First I went to "help" and typed in "bookmarks" - no help there. Tried finding my way around the new version and was completely befuddled. Sorry you can't see how someone could be lost, still, would you like to help or hurt Opera with your arrogance?

  • I did not want to migrate my data - I wanted a totally different install, therefore I did not click on "migrate".
    (edit) I did do more than I posted - tried to find my answer in changelog, etc. For such big changes it was frustrating to spend as much time as I did to find Panels, etc. I just don't have as much time to spend tweaking, reading forums, etc. to find answers anymore and expect there are many more like me. I've always loved Opera but the last couple years have been frustrating; again I'm pretty sure there are more like me. Just my opinion, and I'm not trying to get anyone in an uproar, but pages explaining things could've easily been made more accessible. I am glad to see the speed has finally improved, and hope I can find the time to set up Opera 17 to once again have the things I love about Opera available just a click away.

    And I do appreciate you guys that answer questions, even though it may not have sounded like it. But. " information may be easily found, here and elsewhere." was not my experience, and that is the fact for me.

  • try looking oprealink the your bookmarks should be there then add operalink to speeddial

  • Originally posted by HorizonCkr:

    But. " information may be easily found, here and elsewhere." was not my experience, and that is the fact for me.

    Searching this forum for "bookmarks" from the search fields found numerous threads including this one about the Bookmark Importer I think you will find all that you need to know there.

  • Thank you Pesala for providing something useful. I did search, read many, many posts, all unhelpful. Sure there was helpful info available within searches all along - IF I clicked on the right link. Now, after I've wasted a saturday am wading through all the noise I've finally had enough and will go somewhere more user friendly. Thank you very much.

  • I had the same experience as the OP. So I did search and this is the first page I came across. Many thanks to the selfrighteous arrogant tools who have enough time to post derogatory comments yet not enough time to simply say, I know the answer - it's here. Have a nice day and reciprocate if I ever get stuck. Grow up, and I hope your pubes fall out!

  • I'm trying opera as I am looking for something other than Chrome. I had the same problem as OP. This was the first result I got on google and all I see is childish behavior. This does not seem like a fun community, guess I'll give firefox a try.

  • Bookmarks are a major requirement of Opera and now they are gone. I am assured by Opera that they are available on the .html file but 90% are goneAll previous files are gone. My technical business depends on these bookmarks organised into folders and they are gone. I have used Opera since v3, been loyal and pushed the product hard but now I look stupid. Does two hundred book marks become anywhere near workable in the speed dial format? No. Do the help files explain how Opera 17 works? No. Opera 17 is the shortest suicide note in history and many customers are now alienated. I will go back in release numbers for a while hoping that Opera sees sense and creates a customer friendly browser, I sincerely hope they do.

  • And by the way. The Speed Dial system really sucks.

  • This is the first result in google searching for Opera 17 bookmarks.

    I've been using Opera as my main browser since version 9 and have been loving it, despite some quirks, now it's a Chrome wannabe, less bookmarks. The Speed Dial is a very useful feature which I use, but it's no substitute for bookmarks. I was under the impression that bookmarks would come after some time, but it doesn't look that way. It looks like I will be bidding a sad farewell to Opera. It's totally lost everything that made it Opera.

    Good work Opera team, drive away your users and you can pull the plug, unlike Google who pulled the plug on reader with active but forewarned users.

  • Originally posted by wrightpmcl:

    Does two hundred book marks become anywhere near workable in the speed dial format? No.

    Agreed, but you can import your old bookmarks to the Quick Access Bar for bookmarks. It's similar to the Bookmarks Bar, but with Drag and Drop support. Bookmarks menu and organiser should come later.

  • Originally posted by xyzzy80:

    I installed Opera 17.0 and tried to find my bookmarks only to find - they do not exist anymore? I am sure that cannot be, why would a company release a web browser that doesn't "support" bookmarks? Can anyone tell me where they are hidden? The quick link bar at the top also seems to have disappeared. When i try to go to settings there are not many options.
    Opera has always been tough love, for the tab recycling bin, mouse gestures and generally great usability i put up with troubles loading certain sites, playing certain files and whatnot, but it seems the cons start outweighing the pros more and more now. Are there plans to improve the next version of Opera to function like a webbrowser? Hassle as it is i think i will just install the firefox addons for mouse gestures and the recycling bin and move over to that program. After something like 10 years Opera just isnt worth it anymore i guess.
    Sorry for the rant, but Jesus, that 5 minutes of Opera 17 were really shocking to me.

    i f they were honest , they would say they forgot to add BOOKMARKS into the new version

  • In the address field of opera: flags typed
    Enter in the search field "quick" and set the "Quick Access Bar" to "Enabled".

  • Originally posted by sandos45:

    i f they were honest , they would say they forgot to add BOOKMARKS into the new version

    Since they are honest they said that they chose not to add bookmarks to Opera 15 because their survey results showed that 90% of users don't add bookmarks, but later, by popular demand from the Blogs and forums, they decided to add them back for those who want them.

  • I am flabbergasted at the incivility and unhelpfullness of this forum. I too have been using opera for years..Chrome kept crashing...firefox was a mess and Opera was just right...until now. I have read the entire thread and still do not know how to add a bookmark bar. I use the bookmark bar to click to save a page to instapaper and another bookmarklet to record a you tube video. Is there anyone here who can explain in three or four steps how to add a bookmark bar to this version of Opera 17 so I can drag bookmarklets to it? This page was also the first page I came to in a Google search. If you can not help me please do not bother to reply at all. Thank you!

  • In the address bar type: Opera:flags

    Scroll down and enable Quick Access Bar

    Relaunch the browser

    Click on Opera and go down to Settings

    Scroll down to User Interface and click on "Show Quick Access Bar"

    Now drag and drop your favorite sites from the address bar to the QAB

  • Thank you Leushino! That worked. I appreciate your help and time!