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My old Opera account doesn't work, and forums won't let me fix it

  • I still have my original Opera account (several years old), which the username is my email address. When I log into the forums with it, it says I can't post because I haven't verified my email address. However, if I go to the profile form to verify/update my email address, it will not let me save the form because my username IS my email address (which it marks as invalid. However, the form field for username is NOT editable!

    So it's a Catch 22. I can't post because my email address isn't verified, and I can't verify because my username isn't valid, and I can't change my username. To top it off, there is no "support contact" to get a hold of, to get the problem resolved, and I can't post to the forums!

    I had to make this new, separate forum account, just to post this! Can someone contact me to get my other account fixed?

  • The old MyOpera (forums, blogs, email) is finished and has been for over a year now. People were warned a good six months in advance to remove important emails and blog material to preserve it. In fact, Opera gave tools to do this. The forums no longer exist and the emails and blogs which were left have been deleted. Unfortunately short of going to the Wayback site and checking for archived material using your old log-in and URL (if you remember it), there's nothing you can now do.

  • My old MyOpera user name and password automatically carried over to here and has been working fine ever since, but my user name is not an e-mail address.
    I think Guido you'd probably be better off just opening a new account.

  • I'm not trying to see old blog posts or anything. I wanted to post an issue here on the forums, but couldn't for the reasons above. So I needed to make a new account (this one), using an email address that I don't want to use for an Opera forums account, just to post that my account was broken.

    So I just want to unbreak my regular account. Surely there is a moderator or someone around that has the permissions to change my username, or something.

  • Wait a minute.
    When I log in (it happens), I'm asked either to enter my username OR email address I'm registered with. Isn't it the case here, Guido?

  • Ok, let me clarify...

    1. I go to the Opera forums login page. It says to log in with username or email.
    2. I enter either my username OR email. Tried it both ways, in Opera, Chrome, and IE.
    3. I get no "New Post" button on the forum, because my email isn't verified.
    4. I click the link in the "email isn't verified" message, which takes me to my profile page (username, name, email, etc.).
    5. The username field gets autopopulated with my email address, regardless if I logged in with username or email. There is a big "NO" symbol next to the username, and it says it's an invalid entry.
    6. The invalid text of the username box is grey, and not editable.
    7. If I try to change any of the other boxes and click save, or even just click save without changing anything, the Save button does nothing. (And remember, I tried this in IE, Opera, and Chrome, hoping it was just some bad site code or something, and another browser would like the Save button.)

    So, I'm stuck in a vicious loop...

    1. I can't post because my email isn't verified.
    2. I can't verify my email because I can't save the form.
    3. I can't save the form because my username is invalid.
  • Also, this is a new problem. I last posted (with my problem account, not this new one I made to get help) in September. All was fine for years, through at least September.

  • 1-7...

    I couldn't see the step when you're checking your mail-box*:sherlock:*


    Also, this is a new problem. I last posted (with my problem account, not this new one I made to get help) in September. All was fine for years, through at least September.

    Nobody hacked your e-mail?:sherlock:
    Or the account in question? They might've re-registered it to another email*:sherlock:*

  • Are you just being funny? Checking my email box for what? The verification email in like 2006, or whenever I made the account?

    The form won't let me save any changes now, so it's not updating anything to kick off a new email, because my established username does not conform to the validation standards (because of the @ maybe?).

    I guess that's point #4 of my "viscious loop" statement... 4. I can't get a new verification email, because I can't save the form.

    And... 5. I can't talk to anyone really in Opera support, via chat/phone/email/etc. I have to post on community forums.

    I'm not sure where a "hacked account" would come into play. In any case, to my knowledge, neither account has been hacked, or shows obvious signs of it. My Opera account shows my email address... as both the username and email, so it's not pointing to another [hacked] address or anything.

    My guess is that it's just some remnant of how my account was created, many moons ago, and then somewhere along the line, between database upgrades, changes to new forum systems, and the enacting of new code and field validations, my account managed to wiggle itself into a situation that was never imagined could happen. So someone with "real power", probably needs to forcibly change my username/email in the system, force resend the verification email, manually mark me verified, or edit my DB record.

  • Ok, and to add more confusion, I am now posting from my old account. I managed to resave the form my the crappy mobile Android browser on my phone, and now I can post again. I never did get another verification email though...

    I can use the profile form's save button again, but only in IE. It still doesn't work in Opera (ironically), though the form's username and email fields are now populated appropriately in all browsers (no "NO" symbol).

  • Very strange, but glad you got access again with your original account if that's what you'd prefer.
    I remember having to jump through hoops some years ago to maintain access because my original user name had a space in it, which was then subsequently declared illegal after I'd been using it for ages!

  • Thread is a bit old, but if anyone is having the same issues I resolved it by updating to a different email address, then change it back to the original email again and it resent the verification email