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  • This is ridiculous.. I used to have to stick to just opera 12 untill they finally released a decent version of New opera that had enough of the good features but still missing a TON of the GREAT ones that we're in 12. I just dont understand. There were some really, built in, that came with it, no need to install or change anything. Like the "speak text" feature, or having opera mail BUILT IN!! with a handy notification at the bottom. Now I have to not only download a separate program, but I have to open it separately, have it take up even more memory, and constantly occupy a spot on my much needed task bar space. What were you all thinking? How about the Block content feature? GONE! Whats even worse IS YOU GUYS STILL HAVE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE IT IN YOUR HELP ARCHIVES! Theres not even a plug in available anymore! Then for a while there the rocker controls were completely gone. Even now you have to manually activate it. Now the WORST thing, The settings and configuration screen. Have you guys really tried to design this for preschoolers? Even your advanced menu only brings a few simple items onto the screen, not advanced. Opera 12 was loaded with things you could configure. But instead I find that you've just removed them all together and prevented anyone from adding to it. Ever since opera 12 Its just gotten worse- and I really cant stand firefox or IE. But chrome with a rocker plug in installed may soon be my only alternative. Bring back the features, Allow access to a fully functional settings screen, and for gods sake incorporate the email function back into the browser, ITS PRACTICALLY THE SAME WORLD! I'll have no other choice but to believe that your team is doing this to force opera into obsolescence.

  • Time to add my two cents. I have been a happy supporter since it would fit on a 1.4 MB floppy. I have bought all the versions when there was a licensing fee, or at least back to version 3.X since that is the lowest number serial number I can find. I still have my Opera mouse pad with the mouse gestures on it at work. Now Opera has decided to loose too many features.

    -List Item Where is my detailed progress bar? This was the number one feature I told people about. Instead of the stupid pinwheels of death in the other browsers I could see if it was hung, slow, or whatever. Not anymore.

    -List Item Saving sessions to the Speed Dial is okay but I save many different sessions since I use them for specific research or subjects. Now my Speed Dial is taken up with sessions instead of my frequently visited pages.

    -List Item I want to place my tabs on the bottom of the page but yeah that ability seems to be missing also.

    -List Item To put it plainly the Chromium bookmarking method SUCKS. I am sure I will figure it out over time but it SUCKS.

    -List Item Now my Task Manager is polluted with multiple Opera entries just like Chrome. Since I sometimes have multiple browsers with multiple windows open at a time this is just ridiculous. Make your app a single process within Task Manager.

    I guess it is time to downgrade to version 12.

  • Go back to v12 and enjoy all the many features you cannot possibly live without. We're eternally grateful for your insightful posts... both of you one-time posters. I'm sure we've never heard your sad story before. Have a nice evening.

  • You've been a busy boy this evening... haven't you!

  • You've been a busy boy this evening... haven't you!

    Silly comment.

  • Yeah I've stuck with Opera 12 up until last month when I reformatted my pc, at which point I decided it was time to move on with the times. I just can't continue with having to open a website in Chrome each time another one stops working in Opera 12. Tried the new Opera for a few weeks but finding it pointless so now switching entirely to Chrome as it's essentially the same bare-bones viewer but with more interesting extensions, plus it syncs everything across devices. I'll stay with Opera Mail until I find a better alternative (one where IMAP works correctly). I'd started a thread about that but I can't even view it anymore, it keeps giving me an error page. It says to contact them about the missing page but there's no contact link and I'm not going to fill up a long bug report to report the page where I was reporting a bug to begin with. I'm not wasting another minute on that ! After 10 years using Opera exclusively I'm about to be done with them all entirely.

  • Also the reason that the people who complain about the new Opera have very few posts may be that we were all happy campers and had nothing to complain about until they took away everything that made Opera so unique and great !

  • Go back to v12 and enjoy all the many features you cannot possibly live without. We're eternally grateful for your insightful posts... both of you one-time posters. I'm sure we've never heard your sad story before. Have a nice evening.

    I think this is an unhelpful comment. I don't come here to comment usually but I did today because I'm curious to know why Opera - once a fantastic browser - is being steadily degraded.

    This isn't me moaning about a free product - I am truly grateful for the years of solid browsing that Opera has provided. But when I see the comments like above scattered around the board it only screams of a hostile community, and my desire to contribute evaporates.

    I'll just go to the dark side and install Chrome. It's the same thing anyway - only it works!

    Cheerio, and good luck with your snide comments.

  • Go back to v12 and enjoy all the many features you cannot possibly live without. We're eternally grateful for your insightful posts... both of you one-time posters. I'm sure we've never heard your sad story before. Have a nice evening.

    How lovely. Yes, please let me engage with this snide community. What a pleasure!

    To the OP: Go to the dark side and install chrome -it's the same thing anyway, and it actually works.

  • Reply to> ""Leushino- Go back to v12 and enjoy all the many features you cannot possibly live without. We're eternally grateful for your insightful posts... both of you one-time posters. I'm sure we've never heard your sad story before. Have a nice evening.""

    As A "one time poster" I'm glad to be able to let everyone know that I intend on keeping watch over this thread. I enjoyed using Opera over every other browser and I'd like to somehow find a way to possibly campaign to get the developers attention. If I could program a browser that was perfect for me, that would be great, but I design machines, not software. As for your blatant sarcasm, I'm very disappointed to get such treatment (from someone possibly associated with opera?). In response to that I would like to point out that for someone that is so keen on similar subjects, You must also be familiar with the lack of compatibility that the older version of opera has, making it very difficult to use with HTML5 and modern web design. Whats great is that us one time posters have stated to previously using opera 12, explaining that we have attempted this as an option but is simply not practical anymore.

    I have a better suggestion to an approach you could have made. You could have 1. let the viewers of this thread know who you are, or what your position is. 2. Explain Why Opera developers MAY have chosen to follow this path. 3. Possibly provide a link to your version history, or a thread where you've heard this "Sad Story" before to at least acknowledge That these problems exist. 4. Be informative and kind, Maybe explain that these features have been removed because of accidental copyright risk, or security flaws, or any of the other possible reasons.

    Mr.leushino, This forum is here for people to discuss topics just like this one. I hope to find a way to make effort on giving priority to a possible world where I can have a modern opera, with all of the features I loved. I'm not asking for the impossible, But "Oddmonkey" was much more informative (even if he is just a one time poster) Than you have been, and I intend on looking into what could have possibly made you feel so superior as to make a comment like that.

    My name is J.N. Cohorst, and I run an engineering business called Genx Innovations. I am the patent holder and inventor for the Genx Cardtroller (Worlds first credit card sized bluetooth video game controller) and I very much understand how a development team works. Its not about being blind to the problems, as much as it is trying to allocate resources efficiently. And for a FREE product like Opera, I can understand that resources are limited, but it doesn't prevent them from being redirected. Statistics are gathered constantly, And they rely greatly on threads just like this.

    I'm glad I could point this out, and encourage more to keep posting about all those features you miss. Like how about not being able to return to default zoom by hitting control-middle click? And Mr.Leushino, I'd love it if you just giggled just a little harder next time you try and push me down the stairs like a bully. - Thanks!

  • Reply to > StimResp

    I'm glad you decided on "stopping by" Today. Its reassuring to know that I'm not the only one that feels this way towards Opera. I LOVE this browser... I REALLY do, and I have for years. And I Do keep a chrome window open at all times anyway, So I use them side by side. But Chrome just doesn't have the instant reaction speed that Opera always had. I'm using a very quick system too (4.5 Ghz i7) There seems to be a "disconnected" feeling opposed to that locked in "I'm part of the browser" feeling. No other browser does. I remembered that this was why I liked Netscape. It allowed things to load AS they were being downloaded, in comparison giving you that effect. But now all browsers followed that note, and Opera hopped in to take it one step further. Theres no hesitation ever, and if I feel like closing all my windows at once, they all close right away, and the OS deals with recovering the memory automatically in the background. Unlike chrome, where each process is closed individually, and depends on the release of all related plug ins (for each tab opened) before it can close the tab. Its little things like that, that will forever keep me from wanting any other browser. Thanks for the post/contribution, I will be adding it to my log!

  • @nathancohorst

    You should accept or not accept the new Opera's direction. Todays trend is total simplification and radical reduction of user experience.

    A few comments from the interview with Opera Software's representatives relating to the new Opera/Blink browser (PR subdivision, the interview was taken one year ago):

    "Some of these missing features will come back, some will be available through extensions, but there is no expectation that extensive customizability will return as it was before"

    "The company intend to offer more features to our users than Google Chrome offers. In same time we don't want to do hard work on stuff that nobody will use"

    "We absolutely disagree with a negative feedbacks on suspected "cloning" of Google Chrome. Now we are Blink's developers just like Google"

    "As for the similarity of Opera and Chrome, an average users shouldn't feel the difference here, at least because of browsers icons are different"

  • Someone closes this thread, please.