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seriously, is there a set date when Opera will improve itself back to the 12 v?

  • please answer my question, don't freeze it.

  • Please close this useless thread. And while you're at it, you might consider referring this poster to the terms of service and if he fails to comply, banning him permanently.

  • why is it useless, leushino? the new opera is a horrible user-unfriendly product. there seems to be even no bookmarks/download manager. Why can one NOT call the new browser a disaster and ask for the old features to be brought back?

  • You are SPAMMING the forum with the same message in two threads. You find the new Opera a "horrible user-unfriendly product". Big deal. I don't and many others don't as well. If it doesn't float your boat, then continue to use Opera 12. It has received security patches so it is still useable. And stop whining. Opera is NOT going to give you or anyone else any time-lines. When it's ready, it will be available.

  • thread after thread

    It is my second thread after the first one was closed - I was rude there, I admit it, but I still do want to get question answered and did NEITHER intend NOR WAS actually spamming. that's first.

    Opera is NOT going to give you or anyone else any time-lines

    Secondly, I again DID NOT demand time-lines from Opera employees but was rather inquiring if such plans exist. And certainly I did not intend to offend anyone personally, so please keep your temper.

  • You ask if there is a "set date" when Opera will improve itself back to version 12. Do you honestly expect ANYONE from Opera to answer that question? What you should do is explore the developer blogs. Follow Opera on Facebook. Find out what "they" are saying rather than asking these types of questions here where no one can give a reasonable answer to your question.

  • Your answer makes sense leuschino. Thanks for it.
    I've no trust in Opera developers after what they've been doing for the last 1,5 years, I think Google just corrupted the whole good browser with big sums of money. They're all victims of greed and I don't desire to consort with such kind of folks. Will just keep an eye for good news I guess..

  • The answer to your question is "never". In part, because your question is subjective and conjectural... that is, it is structured to ask when Opera versions will become similar in ways which you don't bother to define, with respect to an aging older version family having an entirely different design approach. In another part, because Opera has already stated, on multiple occasions, that it does not ever intend to recreate Presto Opera within Blink Opera. Finally, even if one could adapt Blink Opera to function exactly like Presto Opera did, it would then have problems - just as Presto Opera is now having increasing compatibility problems with various sites. Times change, protocols change, browsers change. I currently have a browser on this system dating from the 1996-2000 era - and, while it "works", it barely functions against modern websites... it even lacks JavaScript.

    Asking when Opera will "improve" itself back to the 12v is like asking when some car company will "improve" their current models to some point in the dim past... and it's just as likely to occur.

  • Always a more reasoned, less inflammatory answer than my own for which I thank you and I'm sure the OP does as well. I was heart-broken when MS (in my opinion) broke Netscape (although NS had much to contribute in their own demise). But one learns to move on and adapt to new ways of doing things. I'm "hopeful" that Opera will develop in its "own" unique way (as it has in the past). Time will tell. Until then, both v12 and v26+ can be used side by side.

  • Asking when Opera will "improve" itself back to the 12v is like asking when some car company will "improve" their current models to some point in the dim past... and it's just as likely to occur.

    It isn't. Well, I do admit there is more emotionality in the formulated question than was required, still I don't agree that asking for the multiple good useful features the Presto Opera had equals asking for NEEDLESS features or asking for the past to be brought back. The Bleep engine seems to bypass such options as menu editing, keyboard navigation and (sic!) a browsable bookmarks manager in it's ethos. Just think about this: now to open a torrent link in a certain client, you have to store it/open a file manager/then first locate the dl'ed file and only then choose the destined application via a context menu. In your ill-suited analogy of car models that would constitute to switching to a "new" five wheels/three doors standard model line with a pretentious marketing campaign mentoring it's justified by 'modernity'.

    The whole new Opera browser stinks enormously though - I'll give it to it - beating the old in displaying now few but soon to be more new web-sites. And my intuition suggests this is some irreversible resolute decision by the Opera people who, regrettably, with the large sums of cash infused by Google just follow their orders and plans, having totally abandoned, no - ruined - the unique, brilliant, highly and cognitively human-adjusted vision of the browser. Truthfully, RIP Opera.

    All this frustration resulted in my impatient rude threads pleading for a silver-lining to the dreadful calamity. But generally, putting the wailing over this callous murder aside, what plans does the developer team have about Opera? Will the menu customization be ever brought back, for example?