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Opera Mail- Please allow us to create rules for incoming mail

  • Dear Opera Developers,

    I really like your mail client, but I can't use it because it cannot handle the volume of mail that
    I get from many senders including spam

    There is a feature in Thunderbird and Outlook/Outlook Express that allows the user to create a
    "rule" for a particular message that can redirect, forward or delete the incoming message based
    on user defined parameters

    This would be really helpful in OM...the "Label" feature doesn't work as well and the spam feature
    apparently doesn't work at all, and I am submerged in junk mail since changing from TB to OM

    Any possibility that this could be added in future or is it a feature that is hidden and can be

  • ok, to clarify what I am asking for:

    In my small business, when I open my email client, I typically get 150-200 emails daily

    Previously, when using Outlook Express, I would assign an action to emails according to
    how I needed to deal with them

    For emails that repeatedly came from the same senders, this was convenient

    Invoices from suppliers were marked to forward to bookkeeping, notices for training courses
    to another folder, technical support to our tech person, orders to our sales desk etc

    with OM, I can label the emails as I like but then I still have to manually sort and forward
    the ones that I do not deal with myself, which is really time consuming

    worse still is spam, which makes the inbox so cluttered that I find myself losing sight of
    important messages as they are buried in a mass of junk

    It is tedious and wasteful to have to delete each junk mail individually, as the "junk" label
    only applies to that individual email and doesn't stop future emails from the same sender

    So, if possible, I'd like to be able to re-direct automatically certain emails and delete
    others when they come from an unwanted source

    Is this possible yet?

  • Any possibility that this could be added in future or is it a feature that is hidden and can be enabled?

    Opera Mail (separate e-mail client) is a dead-born product (no future improvements).