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Opening Mp3 in an integrated Player is annoying

  • Dear Development Team,

    I really try to get along with your new non-presto-based opera versions (which is maybe 100 times worse than the old ones) but you are not making it easy..! First of all a good thing: Thank you for reintegrating the folder-based bookmarks, this is really a big advantage compared to other browsers...

    What I really don't like about the new opera versions is that there's no possibility anymore to change the download action (or maybe the option is very well hidden) I just wanted to download an Mp3 file, when I go on the link opera opens some kind of odd media player to play the file. (First i didn't even get that I was opening an Mp3 because of that..) I didn't want to play the file I wanted to DOWNLOAD it. (really is there even a way to download Mp3 files with opera?!) It's a fact that you guys don't know what I want to do with my browser so stop making the browser do things without asking, (or at least add the option to stop that) and quit that "Stop thinking, because we know it better than you" policy that's really annoying... (I know that from Apple, but that is the reason I tend to avoid Apple products)

    Opera once was a Browser for normal users as well as for power users, unfortunately now you are far away from that. I see that integrating the WebKit engine is not easy, but I also think that you are concentrating on the wrong things. (maybe reintegrate the Ctrl+Z function?? Would be A LOT more useful than the Mp3 player nobody has even recognized...)

    One more thing to append: "Manage Search engines" needs to be more sophisticated, (just as earlier versions) it cannot be that I have to delete values from a text file just to remove all useless search engines and to add new search codes. (Once more: You don't know what the user uses his browser for so please add more options: I don't need the yahoo search engine, so i want to set the search code "Y" for "Youtube" and not for "YAHOO")

    Anyway, fortunately opera is still the best browser available, this is meant to be a reminder that your work is far from being done.. (At least that's what I hope)

    Best Regards

  • Right click the link and click "Save linked content as..." to download MP3 files. Or any files really.

    The search engine complaint is well known and the devs do know about it. I don't know if changes are coming or not but they have said that it is the way it is (hard coded in a file) because it helps protect against malware hijacking your search providers. I work as a computer service tech and I can attest that browser hijackers are a really common problem. How effective Operas defense is I cannot say as I have yet to run into a user that has that kind of malware and uses Opera.

    As for 'integrating' Webkit into Opera that is not what has happened. Presto wasn't removed from 'Opera', 'Opera' was discontinued. A brand new codebase from the ground up was created using webkit. That is why everything has changed; because there is literally no code carried over. They are basically two different browsers, both named Opera, bother made by the same company, but completely different programs.