Configuring/removing default search engines (DuckDuckGo overrode user search)

  • I had a custom search set on 'd', and now an update overrode that with DuckDuckGo. I know I can just pick a new shortcut for my search, but not being able to configure or remove the default searches was already annoying before and now it actually slapped me in the face. I gather there's some js file I could edit to address this but if patches keep doing this kind of thing, it'll get incredibly frustrating. Please allow full search editing even for the defaults.

    edit: Browser info: Version 26.0.1656.32, Windows 7 64-bit.

  • It's not the expected thing.
    I saw an older thread about it (try searching "DuckDuckGo" or "DDG" here), and, IIRC, there was talking about certain adware there...

    (You should specify your Opera version in the OP, by the way.)

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