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Bing as Default Search Engine in Opera 26

  • I read somewhere in the Opera Blogs that they added DuckDuckGo because many Opera users had been requesting it and they wont allow custom default search engines for security reasons (or something like that). Why Bing was removed remains a mystery. I use Bing as an alternative to Google and I find DuckDuckGo a bit limited in its search results. One thing though, typing b before a search is annoying but after reading some of the slightly over-the-top, negative comments here, I'm not going to get worked up about it. It would be nice if Opera brought it back as a default though.

  • @leushino I think the problem is that, to the user, removing Bing as a default search seems capricious. One day it's default and the next day Bing has been replaced by DuckDuckGo. I do believe that Opera had their reasons, but they certainly ought to know how their userbase feels about it. And let me say that I like the addition of DuckDuckGo, but having DDG with Bing and Google is certainly better.

    Yes, there will always be those melodramatics who deliver time-sensitive ultimatums to switch browsers as if they hold some kind of bartering chip, but I think the majority of users who take issue with this are willing to give it time to work itself out. If nothing changes within a few months time, we might start to consider other browser options that better suit our internet usage habits.

    Opera doesn't need me as an individual user, but Opera does need rapport with their userbase as a whole. That's how a successful business usually works.

  • I agree... it would be nice if Opera made it available (our son works for MS so we're pretty much addicted to Bing! LOL). I suppose all we can do is make our requests known in the Suggestion Box forum and hope for the best.

  • hey all, i'm on an older mac running OS X lion and i cannot find the defaultpartnercontent file mentioned ANYWHERE including the path already mentioned in this thread. driving me crazy. ):

  • @candytaco Thanks anyway ! His solution was awesome!

  • @theashigaru: I agree. It was a decision that alienated me as a user. I prefer Bing for a variety of reasons and I don't mind losing it as the default after an update if I can make it my default again. Losing the freedom, the option, after it has been an option frustrated me. It strikes me as a design decision that subtracted without adding.

    It isn't enough to make me stop using it outright but perhaps a couple of other changes could add up and I switch. I currently deal with the inconvenience by just using Speed Dial but really, the reason we choose a browser is often which one has a design and feature set that maximizes convenience. Any steps that increase the level of work required to get what we want in the manner we want it, usually reduces a user's willingness to use it. I selected Opera over IE, Firefox, and Chrome because of those things. Now it's on par with Chrome in terms of how quickly I get work done where it was ahead before.

    My two cents.

  • couldnt agree more!I want BING instead of google.

    This is really insane that Opera even could not allow me to set !

  • As has been stated many, many times it was done to counter some malware that was targeting Opera. They know it isn't ideal but they have other features that take priority and this was just a quick fix until they can take on other things. The world isn't perfect, get over it already. Its a search engine not a dingo eating your baby. God forbid you have to type a B and a space before doing a search for a few months until it gets handled.

  • @wofall

    While I don't care for Bing, it's ridiculous that search engines were ever locked up in this way.

    I'm going with solution number 2 (out of my mentioned comment). I was reassured by Opera's devs that they really want this to happen themselves. They just didn't come up with a solution yet that prevents third-party programs from fiddling with your search engines.

    Sure, as they said two years ago when they first introduced the anti-feature. The problem is that the entire idea is ill conceived. If the user installs something that hijacks their search engine, tough for them! There's simply nothing you can do to protect against this without taking it out of the users hands entirely.

    AFAIK there are ways. Encrypting the search engine settings with a password set by the user for example.
    I don't know how they do it but Internet Explorer has a setting to block third-parties from attempting to change the search engine settings.

    If a user installs malware, all bets are off. Protecting the search engine isn't even worth consideration in this scenario. No doubt Opera have their reasons, but nobody should buy their excuse.

    It's worth consideration because a malicious search engine will actually generate revenue for the malware maker and it could lead to even worse infections. The other important consideration is that if the user is using one of the partner search engines and a malware hijacks it Opera Software will lose its usage numbers and that will make them lose money in the long run, since Opera is a free browser which development is paid by these partners they need to do this. I believe you either accept this "excuse" or you'd have to elaborate an argument about Opera turning into a commercial software (paid by users).

    Yes they must allow user preference of the default search engine but for that they must invest in the development of the anti-hijack mechanism otherwise the browser will be wide open to search-hijacking malware like Firefox and Chrome are - it's a crap that breaks security and also cuts from their revenue and Opera doesn't have a lot of market share so they can't deal with that. When the management let the devs touch this area of code instead of other areas they're improving and fixing search engine choice will finally see the light of day, let's hope.

  • I love to play around with browsers after I get bored with my current set up. Bing is my search engine choice and I can't use it? Seriously Opera? This is happening on the Mac version as well. So the malware excuse is BS.

  • Oh, you think Macs don't get malware? If so, I've got some ocean view property in Oklahoma I'd love to sell you.

  • I would like to add my name to the list of users displeased with the removal of Bing as a default search engine from Opera. I'm a long-time Opera user, and while I have spent several years defending the use of this marvelous browser from peers who would say the same about Chrome or Firefox, I've also spent that time defending Bing from those who would say the same about Google. Why? Because I prefer them; plain and simple. To me they are better, and while working together they were best. In any case, it is my hope that if enough Bing advocates voice their concerns, perhaps Opera might then reconsider their position. Until then, I'll continue monitoring upcoming Opera updates towards that end (comment written from Firefox).

  • Maybe Opera in now part of google. i dont like. People like choose their default search engine.

  • @tuulenhalkoja Maybe Opera in now part of google. i dont like.

    No, Opera is not part of Google.

    People like choose their default search engine.

    Yes, but in past Opera 12 they changed searchengines, too.
    That may depend on contracts with searchengine providers which engines you can use.

    You all are free to patch the file defaultpartnercontent.json for your needs.

  • Maybe Opera in now part of google

    Yeah that's why they added DUCKDUCKGO and still allow you to use YAHOO, YANDEX and BAIDU!

  • Has this been solved? I love opera, it is fast and pleasant. But Bing is my choice of search and really, man has walked on the moon, this should not be difficult.

  • There is a workaround, yes. You have to edit a .json file. If you are asking if its been changed in the default browser setting, well, no. I don't think theres even been a release since this thread was started so it would be kind of impossible for that to have happened. That said, don't expect it anytime soon. While the devs have said its and item they intend to fix they have given no indication that its high priority.

  • Bad move. A user should be able to choose a search engine of it's own liking. Maybe I'll install Opera again in a year or so. For now; byebye. Uninstalling...

  • Completely unacceptable to take away user choice over a contract squabble (Anyone who has convinced themselves that this has to do with malware or licensing is naive). Removing the ability to set Bing as default search does absolutely nothing to protect the user. It simply produces a barrier which makes things slightly more difficult, a tactic that sadly will work on many people. Thank you for posting the workaround!

    As a long, long time Opera user I'm extremely disappointed in this move. Those of us who think about this even a little bit see through the malware argument. If Bing were truly such a security threat shouldn't Opera warn users who even attempt to visit the page? If the problem were real there would be zero liability in doing so. It becomes even more suspect when you factor in articles such as this which bring into question the validity of the malware claims in the first place:

    Bottom line is if Bing is truly a threat we need to protected from then Opera is doing a disservice to its users by not instituting a warning each time the page is visited or better yet, blocking it entirely. If it is no more dangerous than any other search engine, as the article I cited claims, then stop limiting your users by ending this.

    On another note, I do see the irony in a company who was once taken to court for limiting its users personal browser choice being placed in the role of victim in a very similar circumstance. 😃

  • Those of us who think about this even a little bit see through the malware argument. If Bing were truly such a security threat shouldn't Opera warn users who even attempt to visit the page?

    You should think a little bit more then. The issue is letting users add Bing and set as default would open the gates for any malware to add and set a malicious search engine as default. That's why they need to implement security against this before allowing the user to select any search engine.

    The solution you have in your head is white-listing but imagine the developers having to white-list every website in the web that can be added as search engine? That's not happening.

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