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  • Opera M2, 12.17, W7

    When I get a new mail notification box, if I find Opera manually and bring it on top, the new mail is high-lighted and the focus is on the "Unread" list as desired. But if I click the notification box to bring Opera on top, the new mail is in bright blue type but not high-lighted (some Read message will be high-lighted) and the focus is on some list that is not "Unread", not "Received", nor any other list I can find.

    Is there a way to modify the action upon clicking the mail notification box so Opera comes on top with the Unread list in focus and the new mail high-lighted?

  • Update: What it displays is the message list for the Account of the last mail received. So is there a way to make a click on the notification box display "Unread" instead of whatever Account?

  • I'll have to double-check, but clicking on a link in the notification tooltip should load a special view/list that shows all received messages for all accounts (unless the account selector is set to only show messages for one account, then it'll only show messages for the selected account where if the link you clicked on is for a different account, nothing will happen) where the list auto-scrolls to the message and highlights (or at least selects) it.

    When this special list is opened, I forget what view in the mail panel it opens up under, but it might be Received or Unread, or the view for the account in question is selected as you mentioned.

    But, regardless as to what happens and the differences between the window already being focused or not, there's no settings in Opera to control this.