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Opera 19: Bookmarks are Getting There

  • After months of waiting I've finally installed a Blink-based version of Opera, v19. Still no bookmarks menu but the bookmark bar will work for a lot more people than speed dial does.

    My Opera 12 bookmarks have always been under a single root folder so I figured that if I imported them into the Opera 19 bookmark bar they wouldn't be too messy, they'd just appear as a single new folder. To my surprise I found the import worked. The reason I'm surprised is that I have an enormous number of bookmarks, over 7000 at last count, and I didn't expect the import process to handle that many. As far as I could see the import worked perfectly, although I had to subsequently tell Opera 19 to reorder the bookmarks in alphabetical order.

    Having said that I've deleted the bookmarks again from Opera 19 as it takes too long to open the bookmarks folder, about 12 seconds every time I open it. This is in contrast to the Opera 12 bookmark menu which initially takes a little while to appear but after that is instantaneous. So, for the moment, I'm sticking with Opera 12 as my default browser and using Opera 19 for the sites that are problematic in 12, such as the new Yahoo Mail.

    Although bookmarks are still not quite usable for me in the Blink-based Opera, I figure I'm a pretty extreme case. I expect those with only a few hundred bookmarks may find the bookmark bar fast enough. So I reckon Opera 19 is an encouraging step towards a universally usable Blink-based Opera. I have renewed hope I will eventually be able to move off Opera 12 for good.