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[FAQ] How is synchronization coming along?

  • To silence some complaints and to prevent further inquiries about it, here are some pieces of information about synchronization for you:

    1. Opera "Link" is the synchronization service that Opera developed several years ago. It turned out that it had its flaws and thus synchronization now got re-designed from scratch. Synchronization services need to be exchanged now. This may cause unforeseeable temporary outages, failures, bugs. etc. on various devices.
      Your data is save, though. Don't worry.
    2. Reworked synchronization is about to get released soon to all major products, like Opera 28 on desktop devices and Android and Opera Mini 10 on iOS
    3. You can find further information over here.

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  • "Your data is saved, though. Don't worry"
    I have LOTS of bookmarks inn opera. According to Opera Link I only have two

  • I have LOTS of bookmarks in opera.

    You don't need Link to get them. Just open Opera -> More tools -> Import bookmarks and settings... and import whatever you need right from your older version 😉

  • I imported my boockmarks from Opera 12.17 with Opera -> More tools -> Import bookmarks and settings...

    But not all sub-folders are imported. Some are missing.

    Has anybody an idea or status on this issue?

  • Not that I'm aware of. Any special folders? Default ones?

  • Will I be able to link Opera 2* browsers like I could with 12.17?

  • Thanks for the quick response.

    This morning I figured out that the import procedure works very well with the latest Win-Xp release.
    Even with an "no error" report (same bookmarks).

    On my Win-7 system I get beside the missing folders two errors: "Brauserchronik fail" and "Session fail".

    So this is not an Opera issue rather than an issue due to my Win-7, 64bit version.


  • From the FAQ page:

    "We suggest you try out the synchronization services integrated into Opera's newest generation of browsers."

    Oh, sounds great:

    Opera menu > More Tools > Synchronize

    I am taken to


  • Opera menu > More Tools > Synchronize
    I am taken to

    You need to enable it: opera://flags/#synch

  • I've been using Opera software for a long while now, i like the interface a LOT. However, I've been kind of disappointed lately, well, ever since the new browser came out. I already read the first post where the whole bugs and stuff claims are made. Nonetheless, Opera Link/Synchronization is basically why I'm sticking to this product. I'm pretty sure most users do too.
    I've been changing computers a lot. Most of the times 1 or 2 computers a year for work purposes. Although I recently got my own personal high end laptop and I'll stick to that one for a long while.
    I need to synchronize all the info in my work computers to my new laptop. Speed Dial (just as it is), Bookmarks, Passwords, etc.
    I thought our user and password would simply take everything in our browser and store it somewhere, then log in in another computer, and BOOM! All your info is there just as it is on the other computers.
    That's the whole deal about Sync that makes mobility, REAL mobility right?
    So what's up with that?
    Do I really need to sort everything out on my own? And even find all those sites that are not listed under the Speed Dial tab in Opera Link?
    If so, is there any news on if this will work at some point in the future?

    Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for the info.


  • Yesterday I updated my 2 Windows PCs to Opera 28.0 and my Iphon 5 with the latest Opera-mini version.

    I signed in with my opera logins to start synchronisation.

    The bookmarks are properly synchronized
    but the speed-dial tiles are not synced; neither on the PCs nor on my Iphon!

    This is really a pitty.

    Can you please help, what is the problem?

    Thanks Andreas

  • what is the problem?

    None, simply there is no SD sync yet.

  • But the developers are working on speed dial sync, it is available in the latest developer build.

  • Why can't I import bookmarks, speed dial, notes etc from my Link/Synchronisation? I keep having to come here to login to get access to all that. And what's the point of the sync button in the upper right of the browser, it doesn't seem to do anything once you're logged in, surely you could keep that in the Options Menu?

  • I have installed new Windows 10 TP, and installed new Opera Browser v28. Where is now Opera Mini Bookmarks from my Android phone in new Opera Browser v28???

  • Where is now Opera Mini Bookmarks from my Android phone in new Opera Browser v28???

    OMenu > Bookmarks

    Don't forget to login first both in Opera 28 and Opera Mini.

  • I know, I know...I do that, but again there is no Opera Mini bookmarks.

  • I know, I know...I do that, but again there is no Opera Mini bookmarks.

    They will be (or should be) among the others, there won't be a separated folder for Mini bookmarks afaik.

    And btw, which version of Mini? The feature only works in Mini 8 and newer.

  • My Opera Mini is 7.6.4.

    On my old computer with Win XP and with installed latest Opera Browser it works, but on Win 10 TP not show Opera Mini Bookmarks. I don't know what is a problem...

  • Hi,

    Can you tell me if it is possible to synchronize bookmarks from Opera v. 28.0.1750.40 in my computer (pc) to use all of this bookmarks on my Windows Phone? (WP 8.1 on Lumia 830)

    If it is possible, can you explain me how to do?

    I try, Doing this:
    1 - I logging to my Opera account on the option of Opera v.28 in my computer.
    2 - I install Opera Mini beta (v.7.6.8; the only version available on Windows Store) on my Lumia 830 running under WP8.1
    3 - On Opera Mini, i clic on Settings -> Opera Link -> i loggin to my account; and a message confirm that the sync is done.

    But nothing works. No bookmarks are installed on my lumia 830 (Windows Phone v8.1) I don't understand why it doesn't works.

    Thanks a lot to your help.

    Best regards