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  • May be I didn't explained me correctly

    I've a lot of old .mht files saved with the old version of Opera

    if I click on one of this file Opera 27 starts but isn't able to open those old .mht files, instead of the file a list of directories is shown

    if I install on the PC with Opera 27 also Opera 12 and then I click on a .mht file Opera 12 automatically statrs and the file is correctly opened

    if I've both Opera 27 and 12 installed and I right click on a .mht file and try to open it forcing Opera 27 to be used to open the file, the file isn't opened and appers a list of directories

    As version of Java I've always the latest version in 32 and 64 bit installed (toghether, at the same time on the PC)


  • I did get you before. It's working over here. Opera 28 opens mhtml files saved with Opera 12 just fine. (Win 10)

    Again, try to enable the flag. Paste opera://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml into your address bar, press Enter and enable it.

  • I've downloaded and installed Opera 28, then I enabled the flag save-page-as-mhtml, closed the Opera 28, right clikked on

    a .mht file and selected open with Opera 28 ..... no way to have the file open, only a directory list appears

    also now if I rightclick on a .mht file and select open with Opera 12 all is fine and the file opens correctly

    I would like to disinstall the old Opera 12 but seems that there is no way, if I want to have access to my old .mht files


  • Oh, I forgot to point your attention to the fact that I need to open old .mht files, not .mhtml files


  • File ending doesn't matter here. They are both fine.
    Which version of Windows are you using?

  • I'use Windows 7 64bit


  • Could you try to do the same in Chrome?

  • I have not Chrome installed, I can try to install it and see what happens


  • I downloades Chrome ed installed it, then restarted the PC tried to open a .mht file (right click and select Chrome)

    but the file didn't open, only appears a list of directories


  • I noticed on my system, with Opera 27 (latest version), if I try to open a .mhtml or .html and the name of the file starts with a # then I get a list of directories. If the # is any where else in the name, no matter if it's .mhtml or .html it will not open at all. The error is "This web page not found", I know it's a long shot but try renaming one of the files and see what happens. I also have 12.16 installed all files open normally in that one.

  • Thanks for checking, @kagliostro. It's a Chromium issue then. Could be this one. Did you save those mhtml files on a Linux / Mac by chance?
    This one sounds like your issue, too.

  • Did you save those mhtml files on a Linux / Mac by chance?

    Not sure if it's still the case with IE, but IE used to have problems with mhtml files with *nix/mac line endings. I think Outlook Express had the same problem with eml files (which are pretty close to mhtml files). Either way though, if an mhtml file doesn't use the windows newline format, the file should be fixed. Of course, I'm not saying Chromium shouldn't handle non-windows newline formats as a form of error handling.

  • I use windows XP SP3 and Opera 27, but i don't see any problem open with Opera or IE

  • db84x I've no problem opening files saved as .mhtml (saved using Opera 27), the problem is when I try to open old .mht

    files saved with old versions of Opera (Opera 12) using Opera 27 to try to open it

    As a try I downloaded Firefox and try to open an old .mht file, Firefox is not able to open the file and ask what he can

    do, like olen it with Opera (as predefined),if you confirm to use the predefined Opera, the file is open in Opera 12

    (remember that I've both Opera 12 and 27 installed)