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Yahoo IMAP ERROR: The server responded: UID FETCH Temporary failure on server [CODE: WBL]

  • Hi all,

    How to overcome the following error message in Opear M2 ?

    "The requested action could not be completed.
    The server responded: UID FETCH Temporary failure on server [CODE: WBL]"

    It is a new bulid IMAP Yahoo mail server.

    It constantly downloading mails since 4 days ago ( still downloading........... )

    Hope You can have solution to it as it is not good for the harddisk & I really do not know what the IMAP & to why keep downloading things.

    Thank you!

  • Yahoos IMAP server has a severe problem. If this occurs, the mail client has to reload all cached mail data and this results in may downloads.

    Please wait until Yahho server is fixed or contact Yahoo support for their errors ;)

  • Thanks and the DAMx Yahoo does not have a service phone no. I can call since they charge me USD19.99 every year ( yes, they have new policy to re-fund to any subscriber to their yahoo mail )

    Very bothersome error coming thousand time a day.

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