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[version 19.0.1326.45] - Password manager

  • Hi

    If I open the password manager, I can see (for example):

    web site address, log in user name, log in password

    However, there is no way to actually see the full text of the log in user name field. The form is not sizeable, nor does the Tip show the full text for it (maybe not for password too, but I haven't used a password that exceeds the field size of the form yet.) There doesn't appear to be anyway to view the full text, which, negates the whole point of providing the Password Manager at all. I do actually need this as I have many user names that are all prefixed with the same text and only differ at the end (which is not visible in the password manager).

    I don't know if this is a bug or a feature request, but it is certainly useless for me.

  • Is there a particular reason you've posted this three times, three minutes apart? Once should usually be enough...

  • I kept getting an error page so I assume that despite the page saying something like Page not Found it must also have been posting the message? If you are suggesting I posted multiple times on purpose, then you are sadly assuming far too much!

  • No, sometimes users actually can't get their posts to 'register' and get a fresh page view quickly enough. It happens to me on occasion... but if I'm unsure in such cases, I bump ahead to the forum index to see if it "took" before I re-post it. I've not gotten an error message like you, however, when trying to post. I do know Opera's servers sometimes seem slow or sluggish when posting, so perhaps it's related.

  • If I see the same error page again, I will copy it here, just for clarification.

  • For me, the username column is as wide as it needs to be for the longest username, but none are particular long.

    The URL fields, which are too long to fit the column, have a tooltip, but the usernames do not.

    Do your truncated usernames have a tooltip?

    I suggest submitting a Bug Report if not.

    PS All of the off-topic posts could be deleted. In this forum, there is no time limit for deleting posts, but the first post can never be deleted. It can be edited for 24 hours.

  • I do get a tooltip for URL, but not for user name. A lot of my user names start with exactly the same text, and they all lose the important part at the end. I think it would be valid to have the fields editable too, at least then the user could scroll to the end. It may be the zoom/font sizes I use that has caused the issue?

    Since I do not get the tooltip for the user names, I will go via the link you posted and report it.

    I can't find any duplicate topics at all - maybe a mod has deleted them already.