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  • Hello, i am Opera Mini 4.5 user. I know is basic, but it is very good for me. Someone know if exist an update for this version, or some way to incorporate news functions? Thank you. Claudio

  • I dfont know which Mobile device you have.

    Try to install from or

  • Dear angiesdom, my device is a Sony Ericsson k310i, yes an old smart 2g, but for the bad servers connection exist today in argentina is good. I install Opera Mini 4.5 from, +- 1 year ago and work as well, but i want to know if i can improve it. Thanks for your attention.

  • I dont know, may be xour phone has not enough resources. Try it: go to and try to install Opera Mini 8.

  • Sony Ericsson K310 is DB201x platform, it should be able to install and run Opera Mini 8, though I don't recomend to open too many tabs as it's heap for java apps is very limited.

  • What do you exactly mean by this, "If exist (...) some way to incorporate news function"?

    Updating to OM 8 - concerning mentioned "news improvements" - is not the answer to your question, I guess.

    The Feeds option on OM 4.5 works very well with multiple news sites.
    Does it really not satisfying you

  • In my poor english, 'incorporate new functions' mean for ex, that i can synchronize my searchers or use, export, the bookmars to a new account.
    It's just that Feeds works very well. Too can visit almost all web sites. I dont want migrate to other version. OM 8 works on my phone, but for me 4.5 is better. Only i want to know how i can improve it. Thanks.

  • You should not run Opera Mini 8 on SonyEricsson K310i, it has too small screen. About Opera Mini 4.5, latest release was 20130625 with build 33867. Check in about what build number/date your mini has and update if you don´t have the newest one.

  • I think that have the latest release, from Help>About says: "Opera Mini hifi cuemothes-419 v. 4.5.33867, 20130625".
    If in the future exist some update, how can i do from "" to download the latest version?
    There is not specified the build number. Thanks.

  • You have the newest version so no need to download anything. Usually when a new version is available there will be an upgrade message displayed in Mini.

  • Thank you martitest, your answers has been very useful for me. I hope someone of Opera's team will have a great idea: an OM 4.5 update!!

  • Yeeeees!!! Maybe we are not millions, but not so few. For the efficient perfomance of Opera Mini 4.5, is not easy to migrate to another version. Please, Opera Mini team, continue support and Update 4.5!!! Thank you.

  • I agree, Opera mini 4.5 is really fast browser, it works really great on phones that don't have powerful hardware. In fact, it is still great as it is, but I would need to tell that touch in this version is too sensitive - I touch the screen and it moves me the picture to the bottom of the page really easily. This makes it hard to view the page, but if there wasn't this issue, that would be the best.

    I would also need to tell that there is no signed Opera Mini 4.5 version for my phone - it's Nokia Asha 202, but as I said, it still works great. It has always been the fastest and most reliable application for checking my email and replying to them.

    An excelent browser, it would be really great to see another version of it, and hopefully a signed version for Asha 202. 🙂

  • Sorry for double posting, but I believe it's OK, since it's been few days since I wrote previous message.

    I just meant to add that I tried newer Opera version, and although we can say that those do work on my phone, that's not it. I have uninstalled Opera Mini 8 from the phone, and I got back to Opera Mini 4.5. It's just that a phone with 32MB of RAM can't run Opera Mini 8 smoothly enough, and there are more stuff being affected by this:

    -when I load a page, first I see a white blank page, and I need to wait some time for the page I am trying to visit to show. It is possible that the problem would be reduced if I cleared user data of Opera, as this isn't that much a problem at first, but by time it starts making problems like this. Also, it's pretty bad if I need to clear all user data every few days.
    -when I run Opera from shortcut it won't start. This starts to happen after some time of using Opera. To fix this I can restart the phone; or I can start Opera Mini from Games and apps, but even that way the problem would reappear I wouldn't be able to start Opera mini that way as well. One way or another, restarting the phone become necessary.

    If I remember something else, I will come back, and type it down.

    As about Opera Mini 4.5, if you could fix that excessively sliding, it would be just perfect! It doesn't have a lot of options, such as browsing with more tabs, but those of us with phones like this don't need it. If only this one detail could be fixed, this Opera would be perfect! Now when they stopped supporting Nokia Xpress, and when Opera Mini 8 takes too much resources, an updated Opera Mini 4.5 would be a real treasure to us! 🙂