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Movies, movie bloopers, and stuff about Film industry

  • Watching Phantasm. Half an hour already - not scary so far at all...
    Nice car, though...

    Dreams-not dreams, huh?

    Watched "Brainscan" yesterday... :rolleyes:
    Who knows good horror movies - about demons and shit?
    Like totally paranormal? I don't like butchery at all.

  • Drag me to Hell ?.

    The Ring ?.

    The Ring 2 ?.

  • Ring I watched, both. O'k, not brilliant.

    The first one - what's the setting?

  • Watch Paranormal Activity (1,2,3,4).

  • The first one - what's the setting?

    Copied and pasted from IMDB.

    A loan officer who evicts an old woman from her home finds herself the recipient of a supernatural curse. Desperate, she turns to a seer (a person that sees) to try and save her soul, while evil forces work to push her to a breaking point.

    Oh, the original 'Carrie' (1976) is a pretty good one too.

  • Watch Paranormal Activity (1,2,3,4).


    A loan officer who evicts an old woman...

    Ah, watched.
    Too much puking, IIRC.

    Has anybody seen Fragile? That's spooky*🆙* :devil:

  • Just watched Horns.
    I always try to watch the final titles - kinda habit. Usually it's worth it... This time it felt right.

  • Who likes "South Park"?🙂

  • New bet: How many times the word 'democracy' will appear (written and/or spoken) in next Star Wars movie? 150 bucks on x4 times. 😃 Oh, and cantina will be played by a fairy or a guy with wings or a chick without breasts. There Is No
    Paradise on Disney, Dudes! The dudeist guy spoken! Wa-ha-ha.

  • Who watched something interesting recently? Share your thoughts and experience*;)*

  • "Clear history" best comedy seen lately, hard to find a good one these days. Woody's genre without Woody Allen, feels weird. Who is Greg Mottola? :sherlock:

  • What are the (only) 5 things from Hungary for which I'm the most thankful? 1 Polgar sisters 2 örkény istván 3"Kontroll" (movie). Still waiting to fill up my top five eventually with another two movies. My Top Five doesn't have six places. ☕

  • No, comedy is not my cup of tea. Sometimes - only if the film has an additional category or is a gem.

    For me, one good thing from Hungary is Hungary Games:lol:

  • Then you got a ticket to Kontroll, sort of hungarian Donnie Darko without the plane and no God.

  • Darko?
    I noticed a Darkman on a site yesterday - some sort of artificial skin involved. Is that it maybe?😉

    So, what do you like except comedy?
    I've got to horror for some time now. It is actually quite reassuring when you're not in love with the outside world.

  • Funny thing about Liam Neeson - he can't survive any movie he's in.

    Star Wars? Killed in action. He dies in The Grey. Now he Ran All Night and couldn't do it to the final titles...
    A professional dyer, would I say?
    Great actor.

  • I love movies and I like to experiment with different language movies. Since last month I was into south Indian movies. I must say that they have a different taste of movies and Bollywood is actually getting inspired a lot from south movies. Yesterday I saw Dulqer Salman's movie Bangalore days and Vaayi Moodi Pesavum. Both were different movies with totally different story line. I loved Bangalore days which is directed by Anjali Menon and Vaayi Moodi Pesavum is directed by Balaji. It is also produced by Varun Manian. You can read about the second movie on

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