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Hotmail is blacklisted as Malware page?

  • Hello,

    This evening I came back home from a long day of work and well I just went to do my usual round on my pc and then I noticed something, I got a warning message from my Opera browser that the site Hotmail.com (you know the usual email site of Microsoft that almost everyone uses, also known as Outlook.com) is blacklisted on the list of potential Malware and AVG reported it and this got me curious and actually I went to ask a friend whom also uses Opera to check this for me if this was the same for him, and it was.

    It scared me a tiny bit, hotmail.com is the site that is made by Microsoft for people to manage their emails.. I've been using it for years and I never had any problems so thats why I thought it was weird that all of a sudden Opera said that it was marked for malware, I'm 100% sure hotmail.com/outlook.com is save like it even has an SSL encrypter.

    The strange thing is when I go to the link of outlook.com (which redirects to the exact same thing) it doesn't give me a malware warning. Can someone please fix this? I'm not the only one affected, it might scare some people (like me) that they would see if they would use the link of hotmail.com that there is a malware warning on the screen.



  • What version of Opera are you using ?.

  • The recent one, 25.0.1614.68

  • Entering the http version of the Hotmail site URL, in Opera 12.14, I get a malware warning. Upon entering the https version of the Hotmail site URL, I get an auto-redirect to the https LiveMail's log-in page. In Firefox 33, the http version of the site auto-redirects to the https LiveMail log-in page. Obviously, there's some differences in how the site/browser interfaces are working for this.

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