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Trouble with videos on NYT website (Beta on Linux)

  • Interesting, videos do not play for me in Opera 27 or Chrome stable. Perhaps it depends on the video?

    They all work for me with HTML5 however.

  • Update: this is really strange
    I confirm videos don't work with Opera Beta 26 but they work with Chromium and Maxthon.
    As for the newest Opera Developer 27 - released today - I confirm that videos work fine when I play them from the NYT's home page, but they don't when I try to play them from the video section of the website.
    It makes no sense.

  • Do you have extensions installed in Opera. An Ad blocker perhaps? If so try disabling all extensions and try again. I suspect it might be the source of your problems.

  • Yep, I did some testing and AdBlock will cause this problem.

    P.S. I actually had it installed myself on one of my installs.

  • Thanks ruario,
    indeed in Opera Developer 27 the video section of the NYT works fine when I disable ABP,
    while it makes no difference in Opera Beta 26, no videos no matter if ABP is disabled or enabled,
    Chromium behaves like Developer 27.
    Maxthon plays everything everywhere even with ABP enabled.

  • What version of Chromium does Maxthon currently use? Last I checked it was pretty old. They might not have hit the issue yet because they have such an old Chromium.

  • Load and you should see the Chromium version. We are up to 40.0.2188.2 on developer.

  • indeed Maxthon uses Chromium version 33

  • Wow. I wonder if they are actually back porting all security fixes. It's not trivial so I doubt it. Additionally it is not mentioned in their public change log. Personally I would avoid that like the plague.

  • Personally I would avoid that like the plague.

    You may be right, as a fact since Opera is available for Linux again, I use Maxthon only for test/comparison purpose, the NYT website is the only one where I have problems using Opera, Opera Beta is my default browser now, even if I hate the impossibility to manage search engines.

  • New York Times videos work fine for me; I'm using the latest Opera developer for Linux. The only site that causes me video problems is Comcast's. The videos seem to load OK but never start; I haven't taken the time yet to figure out what the problem might be.

  • New York Times videos work fine for me; I'm using the latest Opera developer for Linux.

    from the home page they work in the latest developer, we already know that,
    btw can you confirm that videos don't work when you try to play them from the video section?

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