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McAfee SiteAdvisor Crashes Opera

  • Recently, where I work installed McAfee SiteAdvisor. Now Opera will not even start, it just crashes. Is there any kind of work around for this issue?

  • Assuming your workplace installed the enterprise-level version of SiteAdvisor, McAfee's own website ( ) rates the Enterprise edition of SiteAdvisor for only 3 kinds of browsers: IE6/SP3 and up; Firefox 3.5,3.6,4.0; and Chrome 13,14.

  • You are correct, it is Enterprise edition. I guess that makes sense since they officially do not support Opera internally. A shame since I really like Opera especially its dev tools when I need them. I know IE has them and Chrome's are blocked.

  • One alternative is to consider Opera@USB or Opera Portable, each are self-contained applications, both install without requiring access to or adding to system files, etc.; and Opera@USB can be installed on a computer - check with your system people about their preferences and requirements, but you can also have a USB flash drive version of it, run it off that Flash drive independent of the PC or the PC network, but again depending on security policies at work this may not be possible?

  • With respect to running Opera as a USB install, particularly if run off a USB stick, do pay particular attention to @deralter's last phrase: "...depending on security policies at work this may not be possible." Some, perhaps many, companies take a very dim view of employees end-running the company security/network-configuration mechanisms - especially by using personal USB sticks. Check, at least quietly, with those "in the know" about your company's IT policies. Most competent IT folks will eventually discover if a user has been running "unauthorized" software... and the sanctions in some places for that can be, uhmm, "severe".

  • Thank you. Yes they would not like for us to try to hookup external storage.