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File type associations - how to change them for an m3u file to open in an application (winamp) ?

  • I have installed Opera 25 and it is going well except when I try to open an m3u file. (as an example see )

    In opera 12 I can set the file type to launch winamp (or any other app that plays m3u files) when I click on an .m3u. I can play that file perfectly in Opera 12.

    I can't for the life of me figure out how to set a file association in Opera 25. It always attempts to download the file and opens a save dialog. I also am able to stream some content in m3u format in 12 but not in 25.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • In current versions of Opera, if the browser can't open the file itself, it only offers the option to download it.
    There is no way of linking to an external program as there was in Opera 12 as far as I'm aware.

  • Dave, You should still be able to edit your previous post above, as the 30 minute deadline has not expired yet.

  • Oops, as you probably gathered, I was intending to edit my post and managed to re-post instead by mistake!
    Unfortunately I didn't spot that in time to fix it.
    Mods please feel free to delete the first version.

  • Well that is disappointing. Thanks for the answer.

    It seems like basic functionality that has been omitted. I'm grateful that Opera has given us their browser for so long with no fee, but truly I'd be happy to pay for it if it had a few more features I desired. I put off using the new version until bookmarks were added. If there were an upgraded version I'd be happy to pay for it as I do find it better than many other popular browsers.