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Very Slow for Certain Site

  • I have been using Opera for awhile now. The site in question is not usually a problem but since last night and today it is possible to access it, eventually, but it's EXTREMELY slow. Pretty much useless.

    The site in question is a discussion forum, here:

    Sometimes if I tell Opera to STOP loading, the page will suddenly appear. Generally it just keeps returning a blank white screen, eventually loading the page after around 7 minutes or so.

    I have tried disabling Malwarebytes malicious page block - no difference.
    I have tried clearing Opera's cache - no difference
    I rebooted - no difference
    As this is a new PC I tried resetting the DNS servers to Google's 8888 - no difference
    I've tried disabling the only 2 extensions in Opera, Roboform and Adblock - no difference
    I've tried uninstalling Opera and reinstalling it - no difference

    Finally, in desperation, I tried Internet Explorer. The site loads fine in IE, so it's not the site or my connection.

    The problem is with Opera. So any ideas how I can fix this? Or can you provide a link so I can download an earlier version which works?


  • You didn't mention your Opera's version*:P*

  • Version 25. This machine is only a week old.

    Been working OK until last night. This site also seems a bit slow (hence the double post) but most sites load OK.

  • Been working OK until last night.

    Something particular happened then?

    This site also seems a bit slow (hence the double post) but most sites load OK.

    Only certain sites or is it a bit random?
    (This site happens a bit slow - e.g., an issue with "infinite load" (see "feedback").)

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