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  • Since the very beginning of moving to Blink (why, oh, why) I've been experiencing smaller or bigger problems with Flash on Opera - sometimes sites with Flash embedded videos were more laggy than in Chrome/Firefox, sometimes tabs were freezing, recently I've started playing some Flash games (Clicker Heroes among others) and it was working fine at first (for day or two) but now it freezes the tab every few hours, sometimes it freezes the Opera, and what's the worst - sometimes Opera freezes the whole OS (so I have to reboot or wait for a few minutes for it to unfreeze).

    Also, YouTube - buffering sucks for Opera so many times, videos that load and buffer perfectly fine in Chrome or Firefox aren't buffering in Chrome, and sometimes refreshing doesn't help, at all.

    I've been reinstalling OS, Opera, this happens on Windows 8.1, but also on latest OS X Yosemite, Chrome just performs 10x better when it comes down to Flash, damn, right now I'm writing this message in Chrome because I can't use Opera anymore as I have flash applications in tabs in background.

    My old-beloved Opera, what they have done to you 😞

  • I can confirm to that.

    Youtube, flash based movies on,, feel like a dia-show when played in fullscreen.
    If I use chrome with the same URL the video plays normal.

    You can even feel the lag on facebook playing a game. Once it is fullscreen, there is a visible lag in most animations. If you have a page full of flash-ads (happens quite often, if you don't use an ad-blocker) it like the animations are "stuttering". If you open the same page in Chrome, they are displayed fluidly.

    Currently using:

    Version: 27.0.1670.0
    Update-Stream: developer
    Betriebssystem: Windows 7 64-bit (WoW64)