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This is how you're going to save Opera

  • Visual appearance isn't something you should ignore.

    I want you to look at this

    Now, make public a way or method to change the appearance of this browser, and the colors of that windows8ish blue goo, you are better than this.

    (Firefox skin here : DeepDark by Steva. This is Windows.)

  • Well... you're the only one. I personally don't like that look but rather love the default look of Opera as it is.

  • colors of that windows8ish blue

    This isn't even remotely Windows 8. This is XP. And XP is dead.
    So it'll stay like it is since there's no sane reason to put as much effort as would be necessary into a dead operating system.

  • I want you to look at this

    It is Chrome, right?
    With an "O" in the corner and other, different pictures for the buttons used.

  • I'm perfectly happy with Opera just the way it is. No need to waste time catering to the varied tastes of a few individuals. Opera has bigger fish to fry. And by the way... Opera doesn't need saving as the OP puts it. It's future is looking better every day.

  • I want Opera to do things like it was able to do 5 years ago....
    That's the only way to save Opera. Opera 12 has the features but no support and compatibilty anymore.
    Opera 25 has the compatibility with web standards, but no features old users are used to. What great choices.
    I loved Opera for 10 years now it just sucks and I have to switch to a differnet browser. Great work.

  • Opera has many problems in compatibility. If you knew anything you'd appreciate it when someone comes in and criticizes. It can help you make it better. But you shrug them off like they're worthless people. That's why Opera will never be more successful than any other browser.

  • LOL... uh... seriously? Opera will never be successful because "I" shrug off a handful of first-time posters whining and complaining rather than asking how to make the new browser adapt to their style? Too funny. I didn't realize I had such clout in the browser world. Fancy that - Opera will stand or fall based upon my shrugs. :whistle:

    PS: Opera doesn't need saving. It's doing very well in the marketplace.

  • There's a company - and there's a browser*:whistle:*

  • Opera is doing well and it is an amazing browser. I wonder if the devs had changed to Webkit earlier. How would be today?

  • Which of the two different browsers did you mean, Sidney?
    What a confusion, isn't it, Sidney?

  • I said Webkit because Blink is new and was made last year.

  • I beg you pardon. 🐧

  • I'm just saying, when you make a software that is an alternative to

    • ie, a preinstalled piece of junk
    • the official chrome, a botnet and
    • mozilla

    You have to reconsider what you're doing because I still think Opera has potential and it must not turn into abandonware.

    Functionality isn't that bad, even if I remember using opera 9 for years and it was more complete, email and various plugins.

    I'm talking about aesthetics and I'm explaining what could be easily improved. Opera 9 by example supported a lot of skins of all kind created by artists, from Deviantart or others.

    Now it's like if you compare what Ubuntu or Windows used to be: a true OS becoming a minimalist junk for tablets with little or no personality or taste.

    I still use Opera9 for some applications. No way I'm going to overwrite it with that chromium clone. If I wanted Chrome, I'd install it.

  • I started with 10. I'm not sure if it was .52.

  • Opera Blink is not a Chrome clone.

  • I go back to version 3 which was released in 1999. At the time I ran it opposite Netscape.I don't recall what I paid for it, but pay I did. In truth, I paid for my first version of Netscape (Netscape Gold 3.0) but that is back in 97.

    I personally like the look of Opera now. It's clean and it does not need a bunch of dumb skins to mess it up. And those who think it is a clone of Google Chrome do not know what they're talking about.

  • Appearance customization would be great, but I think there's more pressing issues, like the broken font rendering, or the myriad of missing features.

  • The missing features are slowly being added back into the new browser. I agree that the font rendering needs to be addressed. Aesthetic considerations are the least important factors at this juncture and I continue to re-iterate: Opera does not need "saving". It's doing perfectly well.