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Presto will ever be back?

  • Will the Presto based Opera ever be back? I've been using Opera ever since I liked the simplicity and efficiency of Presto. I can't digest the fact that Opera has now become a Chrome clone. I know that there would be many such threads here, but still wanted to open one.

    Ok, the final statement from my side is, if there is no Presto in future, there is no Opera for me; and many like me... And if that is the case, this would well be my good bye thread too!

    Thorappan Thoma.

  • I miss the ctrl+z function to reopen the last closed tab... I miss the right click -> Properties on an inline web image... I miss the feature of clicking "back" and loading the last page in micro seconds rather than parsing and loading the last page again... And I do miss the simplicity of the download manager... I miss loads of things on Presto based Opera... Sad.

  • What you mean "will ever be back"? Presto has not disappeared anywhere. It's slowly becoming unmaintained legacy software, I suppose, but it's not there quite yet.

  • Nobody died - its just software.

  • The Presto version has reached the end of the line — at best you can expect a couple of security updates. The Webkit/Blink version has some way to go before it's worth using. Give it another six months or a year. Keep using Opera 12.16 or 11.64 until then.

  • Pesala,

    It'd be great if things in the front end (with Webkit) becomes exactly a replica of 12.xx. I am not really bothered about what's on the backend; but the so called features which Opera with Presto provided - which I'd already mentioned in my second post are something to die for (those are the features which I use always).

    'Nuff said. I'd be sticking to 12.xx version for a while, would be checking out Avant as well as an alternative for a refugee like me. If nothing works out, I'd prefer Firefox. And may be after an year or so, as u've mentioned, I might come back, check out what I've been missing has been integrated on to Opera or not... If not, well, uhm yeah, nothing much to say...


    You exactly know what I meant. Stop making a fool out of yourself. If you don't have anything worthy to post, why can't you keep your stoofid a$$ outta here :mad:

    And yeah, sorry for that post.

    Thorappan Thoma :bye:

  • Apologies accepted.

  • Originally posted by thorappanthoma:


    You exactly know what I meant. Stop making a fool out of yourself. If you don't have anything worthy to post, why can't you keep your stoofid a$$ outta here :mad:

    And yeah, sorry for that post.

    Thorappan Thoma :bye:

    I was told by someone far wiser than I to simply Ignore ersi by putting a block on his posts. Click on his name...go to About and click on Block. That way you don't need to read his posts anymore. I see his name now, but I haven't a clue what he's writing AND I don't want to know what he's writing because I consider him to be a :troll: in the Opera forums now. I have about a dozen names so ear-marked and it makes dealing with the forums a much more pleasant task. And the truth is, they represent a very, very small and insignificant number when you consider the totality of Opera users world-wide.

  • Just came back to say I've completely moved to Firefox. Though there were issues adapting to Gecko, now I feel comfortable.

    Bye Opera, good luck! 🙂

  • I choosed opera because was different.
    I liked access to many options, choosing if I want to open link in new tab now or in the background. I liked "block content" and , many things that make opera different. Now, its just another chrome clone - i have no reason to even try it. Good bye Opera. I cannot say good luck, because i don't thing there should be so many chromium clones, and the only one engine - chromium.
    good bye

  • What i don't understand is that why does everyone act like it's Presto or Opera ASA's fault for the incompatibility. From what i gather Presto was the closest to following standards and everyone else was busy developing for Webkit and Gecko and stop following standards and thus couldn't work well with Presto. In my honest opinion Opera ASA should have just kept Presto and work on patches for all those dumb ass developers who don't understand how to follow standards. People are saying Opera switched to WebKit for compatibility and so that they don't need to spend a whole lot of time developing an engine, which I don't understand. Most browser makers now are trying to be like Chrome and adopt a rapid development Cycle which I don't understand because it's not like their user base were complaining that they didn't get an update this week, last week, or the week before in honestly I think they were all just envious and wanted to be like Chrome and say they were constantly working on their browser which is stupid because you can't scale to a company like Google which probably has it's own department for Chrome development. So if we as the user base weren't complaining and were fine with having the good stable version of Opera and waiting until the next version was released. I think this whole being envious thing was gotten to far because I understand the point of Opera Next but really I never understood the whole Opera Developer Stream and although I can see it's use scenario it' still redundant and pointless

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